Reaping Time

I have come to the conclusion that humankind’s seeds of iniquity have sown far too much greed, hate and evil for us to overcome. Humans have (since our existence on this planet) always launched campaigns of war and terror upon other humans primarily for the accumulation of wealth, power and dominance and has continued to fail miserably at battling our real adversary. This unseen but ever-present force has become the bedfellow or handmaiden of many a man and many a woman or maybe vice versa as far back as we can date the interaction between our species… 

This is the force of evil!!!!

It does us no genuine good whatsoever to immerse ourselves in contrived institutions of law, justice, democracy, churches and religions if our actions are contrary to their fundamental principles and values. We clothed ourselves in the fabric of virtue and a prestigious constitution supposedly anchored in integrity.. We stand behind proclamations of falsehood and empty promises that have delivered absolutely nothing except destruction and despair. Hey, if you don’t believe me, just ask any Native Indigenous American, any former British or African slave ( if you can find any).. Maybe you’ll have some luck with the descendants of the Irish slaves, who are referred to as Redlegs and currently reside in a poor run down section in Barbados.. I have read though that they have a very nasty temperament and aren’t too hospitable.. ( Hmm, I wonder why)..

For anyone person who vociferously advocates that these tenets are a testament to who we are as a country denotes a degree of ignorance, hypocrisy, malice or just a cold and callous audaciousness. These institutions have been established to mask the real intent and evil that lurks in the minds and hearts of people…Wolves in sheep clothing!!!

This evil presence dwells in the hearts and palaces of monarchs, despots, aristocrats and many a proletariat. The annals of history attests to that narrative and reveals to us the great civilizations that have risen to enormous heights of wealth, power and dominance and have  all crumbled down on their corrupted foundations.. This country and others will not be any different because of the manner in which it’s wealth,  power and dominance has been realized…Whenever a thing is acquired by exploitation, connivance or the spilling of blood from another so shall that thing be taken back and so shall their blood be shed!!!

If you live by the sword so shall you perish by the sword. Let’s not make no mistake about it,  it will eventually make its way onto our doorstep .. It is resolute as it is inevitable and it is a historical fact.. The pendulum swings both ways and we shall always reap what we have sown. The presence of evil and discourse disrupts the natural order of life, nature and the universe.

Mankind is a peculiar animal who continuously fails to acknowledge his history in the world as well as the errors of his ways. It is only just that we will never, ever realize our full potential. We undoubtedly can’t seem to get it so, because of our stubborn, egotistical, manipulative and greedy nature, we will be stuck in this cycle of perpetual evil …We must take the blinders off! 

The world is becoming a very dark place..Somebody better turn on the lights!!

Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected CFTK-0A4E-KXJB-Q1L5

Building walls will not insulate us from the evil that is so pervasive throughout the world and is also rooted and thriving here…It arrived and was sowed by the British colonial immigrants who claimed to be christians  performing the will of their so-called God….

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