The Face of Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Denial (a pale-skinned man)

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Human values are the principles, standards, convictions and beliefs that people adopt as their guidelines in daily activities. Principal human values are the foundation on which professional ethics are built. They are a set of consistent measures and behaviors that individuals choose to practice in the pursuit of doing what is right or what is expected of them in a humane society. Most laws and legislation are shaped by human values. If a country professes freedom, equality and justice for all as well as high moral family values then the leader of this country should embrace and reflect those same principles and values…

Now I for one am extremely aware of the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of hypocrisy in the makeup of our species and our society… I am aware of how it courses through the arteries of  the most unaltruistic of our kind and lends itself to malevolent folks who promulgate self-serving agendas.  I also understand completely how the process/action which is not seen (thought) allows compromise to maneuver and manipulate many people’s sense of values and principles which in turn open the door for hypocrisy to take root and flourish..If we paid closer attention to the behavior and actions (not rhetoric) of  said folks who demand our steadfast adherence to these fundamental values/principles we would acknowledge their blatant hypocritical posturing and require the same of them. Unless of course we choose to be swept up in a wave of ignorance and denial ourselves for whatever reasons…Which of course is exactly what the trumpeteers have elected to do!!
Pervasive describes things that spread through a place to become established everywhere.
Ubiquitous describes things that are everywhere in a place because it is the nature of that place to have those ubiquitous things.
You see, hypocrisy begins to spread throughout a place if left unchecked or unchallenged and if not brought to the forefront, it will inevitably become established and rooted there.. Once this has transpired, it is now pervasive and ubiquitous (everywhere) becoming the nature of  the place and those nefarious things (people) that inhabit it. So now, Let us just take a moment here for just a tad bit of retrospection (reflection or reviewing past events or situations).
I heard a pale skinned man say that ( if elected to the highest office in this land) that he would build a great wall on his country’s border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering his country and that Mexico would pay for the construction of that wall.
I heard a pale skinned man claim that he would make his country (America) great again.
I heard a pale skinned man boast of how  wealthy he is and how he used a system to write off debts that in turn exempted him from certain tax obligations.
I heard a pale-skinned man say that he would not turn over his tax returns  for review (why not, if there is nothing to hide)? Me thinks that there is….
I heard this pale-skinned man say that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act that provides health insurance coverage for over 30 million Americans (no replacement mind you).
I heard a pale-skinned man say that when you are a star, that they (woman) let you do anything.(Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything). WTF, Is this what you want your daughters to hear spewing from the mouth of a person she is supposed to respect and admire…Really?  
I heard this pale skinned man incite and welcome violence with his careless rhetoric and then when someone acts on it, he denies any culpability.. He will later claim that his remarks were taken out of context, misconstrued and that it wasn’t what he meant.
I heard this pale-skinned man invite Russia to hack his rival, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails..
There is so much more that this pale-skinned man has said but I think you kinda get my drift. This type of irresponsible rhetoric and unacceptable behavior was consistently displayed throughout his campaign and only mildly criticized which would indicate a clearly he is mentally unfit for the office and definitely is someone who is not to be trusted… yet, he was elected. Of course the Republican party had no comments…No backbones!! Why? Well you know “Birds of a feather flock together”!!
Somehow, we have allowed exception to the rule and lowered the bar for this asinine and classless pale-skinned man where others would have been ostracized, repudiated and lambasted for the same.. Make no doubt about it, if it were President O’Bama, he would have been .. So, one would most surely ask, why was this buffoon given a pass? Here in lies the old familiar ally of pale-skinned people (double standard ). How is it possible that a man who not only demonstrates a low level of IQ, an incompetent level of articulation, an extremely shallow tolerance for criticism (thin skin), has consistently made disparaging, disrespectful, demeaning and hateful remarks about other human beings and is completely unapologetic for it, be elected POTUS? This is a man who is void of integrity, principles and moral ethics, all of which would have been a prerequisite for anyone else seeking the office…
There is this old adage about the fruit not falling far from the tree that bears it and that would definitely apply here. So, allow me to give ya’ll a synopsis of their history…You see although you will not find this taught in any conventional schools (and most pale-skinned folks will vehemently deny it),  but the majority of the first pale-skinned people of Europe that came to the Americas were of a trash class completely void of any decency, values or principles as were the so-called elite class  who weren’t any different. They just had money, power and influence but still carried the same stench! All of England was rife with poverty so the Crown as well as other nobles wanted to rid the country of this heavy burden and ship them off to the Americas under the guise of indentured servitude (slaves)..
Treachery and deceit permeated from the crown down to the commoner. Oh, they may have put on the mask of virtue but the stench of vileness, treachery, deceit and greed as well as their barbarism permeated their dark and callous souls.They presented themselves as so-called Puritans, Quakers, Mennonites, Roman Catholics and other religious zealots whose purpose was to bring the masses to so-called Christian faith and save the souls of the heathens.. I’m inclined to think that the real heathens whose souls needed saving were the pale-skinned people who arrived here from Europe. When a person’s soul is dark and void of light they tend to project what they are towards others to give themselves credibility and a sense of purpose. They want to raise themselves up and appear as noble-minded and compassionate people. But all of this comes at the expense of others as they convince these folks that they are the saviors of mankind and will help cleanse them of their sinful nature… Reminds me of a pale-skinned man who shouted from a podium that he would make this country great again.
This pale-skinned man is the face of hypocrisy, ignorance and denial.. This is what he is and for the most part those who support him….One can not profess to have a moral backbone and support family values while at the same time supporting an individual who is every thing but that…I mean how can any person who has a shred of dignity honestly be able to look themselves in the mirror with absolutely no questions and are able to lie their heads down in good conscience to sleep at night.? How can these folks look their children in the eye , preach to them about how to be upstanding and responsible people and at the same time justify their support for this repulsive and morally corrupt pale-skinned man? What morally conscious person could sink to such a putrid level? I’ll tell ya if ya don’t know..
A morally conscious person is not capable of such degradation because their moral compass coupled with decency and integrity will not allow for such compromise or corruption. However, a person who is living a lie (pretending to be something that they are not) or is morally corrupt has no issue wallowing in the muck because it is very familiar and it suits them just fine especially if they can profit from it… Or some could very well be good folks with good hearts but because of their ignorance and desire for a time that has passed, are easily beguiled (misled) by this pale-skinned man with all of his empty promises of making this country great again. I guess he must be referring to a period when it wasn’t so great for people of color as much as it was for pale-skinned folks.. I’m just putting it out there because as far as I know, America has always been great for pale-skinned folks… So you tell me…
The Indigenous people who once occupied this land also heard a pale-skinned man speak words of empty promises and signed treaties only to break them..Ask them about the hypocrisy.. I’m sure that they have a more profoundly frightening  and compelling story to tell about the pale-skinned man whom they say speaks with forked tongue.. They should know since the land they owned and occupied has been stolen from them and they have been relegated to reservations..
Hopefully the day will come when  most folks will no longer listen to the lies and rhetoric and see through the mask of deceit while others will continue to accept the face of hypocrisy, ignorance and denial because that is who they are and will always be…
Footnote; A wealthy and powerful person cares absolutely nothing about the plight of poor people. Their only concern is how they can continue to exploit the poor, continue to live a life immersed in opulence and privilege and continue to become wealthier and more powerful. History attests to this..
Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected I68U-FSY4-X1WX-5WJW

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  1. Hypocrisy Ignorance Denial “pale skinned man”We have been subjected to All of the mentioned. There is a common thread that runs through these betrayers. I commend All whom Overcome

    1. First off, I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read and also express your thoughts cous. Yes, we have fallen prey to these exploiters of the poor and uneducated. It is incumbent upon us to challenge those who are the purveyors of lies and manipulators of minds and emotions. Just as you have stated we need to overcome these betrayers. But first we need to overcome our fears.

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