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What are we missing and why? (The Quest for Comfort)

Hello and blessings to all of you…  Man it has been a little while in between posts , but hey it has not been for a lack of desire to write as much as it has been lacking the spark. Every now and then I experience a lapse because I slip into a period of what I can best express as zero gravity… I am here, my senses are functioning and the thoughts are circulating however the process from the mind to paper is a being of it’s own…With that said though, I always have a few thoughts that are in draft form but have yet to be completed. This is one of them… Initially the title was going to be (Humans Need Comfort) but as I began to think and write, it dawned on me that comfort is just one element in the equation and only scratches the surface. We are an extremely empty species and our emotional needs go much deeper than that.. However, for this piece I want to talk about the need we have for comfort and how we will endlessly search for it and try almost anything that will bring that one ever elusive quality to our life. With every tic toc of the clock, every passing day, week, month and year, we are on a constant journey or quest if you will,  seeking comfort. …
A child is in the womb where it is sheltered and provided for. It has evolved from the embryo stage into the infant stage. Constantly receiving nourishment, it knows and understands absolutely nothing in this state of unconsciousness (except comfort).  It has yet to be awakened . For now it is oblivious to all that is occurring in the world outside of its encapsulated and insulated existence…It is safe for now but the time will come for the infant to exit it’s shell of security.  It has to be manipulated and forced out whether the birth is naturally or by cesarean section, either way, it must come out…
Once this infant has been removed from its sanctuary and the umbilical cord is severed, it begins to cry. It is almost immediately that it recognizes the separation. The doctor or nurse then hands the wailing infant to the mother and as she holds and begins to nurse the infant it becomes silent. The newborn is now suckling the mother’s milk and all is as it was with the only difference being the breast has now become the umbilical cord providing nourishment and the mother’s arms providing the comfort and security of the womb… From this moment forward the infant will invariably yearn and cry incessantly for this comfort… As it grows up it will embark on a journey through life and forever seek this abstract and seemingly elusive state of being…
Why are we stricken with this uncontrollable behavior or trait? I mean, why the heck are we not able to develop our independence once we have stopped sucking on the nipple or bottle and as we learn to walk , talk, go to the toilet on our own and have reached puberty? Most of us are so cuddled while we are young that we stay around the household well into our twenties and sometimes thirties…. Some of us would not leave  the nest if we didn’t get tossed out on our butts or given some type of ultimatum…Why is that? Why is it that we also need validation, approval, love, attention and so forth and why will we try or indulge in questionable behavior or immoral acts just to feel a temporary moment of gratitude or satisfaction? We have a determined propensity towards this behavior and will do this repeatedly knowing full well it will not fill the void. Even if it devastates our life and others around us!
Every other species that appears to have evolved on this planet seems to have naturally developed without this behavior except us… Hmmm…We are deluged with oceans of emotions and it’s a wonder we all aren’t psychotic cause I’ll tell it’s enough to drive anyone crazy…Drinking, drugging, over eating, partying, sex maniacs, compulsive shoppers, pretenders, and the list goes on…No wonder the world is so screwed up!!! You would think that we would have been better equipped mentally and emotionally by our creators to deal with all of this nonsense and chaos but who knows, maybe we are the reality show for them!!! History does show that entertainment has been a favorite pass time for boredom in other civilizations.. Why should our creators be any different? Just a thought folks..
So, What R we missing and why? I have a few thoughts about this as you definitely already know.. First and foremost I feel that we are mostly empty beings and our DNA is wired that way. The majority of humans ( and I mean the majority) need to feel secure and safe and are always seeking a nod of approval, some degree appreciation, love, a need to belong to something or just plain fit in (association and relevance), which may explain why a lot of folks do some of the most idiotic things just to get noticed. I mean just look at social media and all of this ( like me or like this) nonsense.. What the heck is that all about.. Society has degraded to a magnanimous reality show of insatiable consumption and absurdity. There is this overwhelming feeling of insecurity, emptiness and ominous cloud looming over us…The multitude is starving for “IT” but we know not how to go about getting “IT”.
That thing, that abstract, non tangible unseen sense of “IT”  can not be filled by that which is external.. It just can not be done which undoubtedly explains why we are never, ever satisfied no matter how much of these external pleasures we indulge in.. The individual that tries to fill that void with food just gets fatter and fatter, the drinker just gets drunker and drunker till they can’t get drunk anymore and becomes an obstinate alcoholic, the drugger just gets more addicted and both become non-sociable, pathetic and intolerable. The rich get richer, greedier and greedier, more belligerent and miserable, the compulsive shopper gets more and more in debt and the poor, well they  just stay poor and forgotten..But you know what the scary part to all of this is; none of them see it, want or care to acknowledge it…
That void is so huge that no amount of anything external can calm it, not even religion…All of these indulgences will only provide us with a temporary relief. That need for inner gratification can only be generated from our own sense of well-being.. This is basically the only path to realizing and achieving it… Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing else will suffice! What r we missing and why is because we are much to focused and consumed with the external and fail to focus on the internal.. We are beings of light as well as beings of physical mass and what feeds the corporeal (physical) will not suffice for the incorporeal (non-physical)…So therefore the journey in life should also be one of internal discovery as much as it is one of external discovery.. This is not taught to us so, we are oblivious to its essential need.. Everything we know is of the physical world and the very essence of our being yearns for more!! Comfort will always elude us!!! Needy and Greedy, Lost and Empty Souls! What is a human to do?
Feed your soul and in turn lift your spirit. Come out of the darkness and enter into the light..
Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected C5GO-7VPV-240O-M7JN


This particular topic has been swirling around in my mind for years and now I feel that the time has arrived for me to finally speak on it. As you can see, the title to this piece is (WORDS) and I’m going to speak about the power that people give them.. What exactly are words except a means of which we communicate and interact with one another for whatever the purpose may be. They are fundamental and primarily essential  to our understanding and learning but otherwise are not relevant…However, there are those people in the world who understand the power that words can have and will not hesitate to use them as a tool to divide, control, manipulate and exploit… So Beware!
Now, the words that I want to talk about at this time are those that are used for the sole purpose of hurting people or to elicit deep pain… Words that are intended to dehumanize, marginalize, denigrate, demean, humiliate, belittle another person.. Words like nigger, cracker, coon, honky, wetback, chink, monkey, faggot, queer and etcetra…. These are the words that most often times than not folks allow themselves to be stricken by only because they give these otherwise meaningless words power when they don’t actually have any.. That’s right, I said it; Words have absolutely no power whatsoever unless you give them power…
What are they really except a bunch of letters strung together that we have assigned a definition to. I mean, you can’t actually physically take them in your hand and cause someone grave bodily harm as you can some object such as a rock, stick, knife, gun or whatever now can you? However,  for some inexplicable reason that is far beyond my comprehension, folks get all emotionally worked up over some words that some ignorant folks verbally hurl at them.. It’s no wonder this world is so screwed up..Let’s take these following words for example (nigger, niggers, nigga, and niggas) which carry a very distinct and demonstrative history of racism, hatred, bigotry, ignorance and violence intended to demean and destroy the spirit of Black folks. At the time it served it’s purpose cause black folks just had to accept what white folks and others were dishing out. They would string our asses up from a tree if we ignored them back then but it ain’t like that now so these so-called offensive words only have the power to inflict hurt and pain if we allow them to.
Let me share something with you; I had this  instance where this white guy said ( yo mama) to me in an attempt to get under my skin. Really? I felt that it was very comical and I was a little surprised given the fact that he had to be at least  in his fifties. I mean c’mon man ( yo mama), I’m sixty-two and I haven’t heard that since grade school….Consequentially I thought it was ignorant and childish and replied to him (was that the best that he could do) and I guess next he was going to call me a nigger? The situation could have escalated if I had engaged him but I would not and refused to give him power by the mere use of a few words. Those words he shot at me were  blanks and had absolutely no power to inflict damage.. I basically rendered them  and him, powerless. The dude had nothing else in his arsenal and that was that!
Man listen up, folks need to develop some thick skin and stop being so sensitive about meaningless crap and learn how to deflect that nonsense because at the end of the day, that is exactly what it amounts to, nonsense!!! There are far to many things of greater importance than folks allowing themselves to be a slave to a word… Really? Once you have shown anyone that they can get under your skin by the mere use of a word or words, you no longer have power or control.. It is important to your well-being and state of mind to take control of what you allow to get inside of your head folks and what you are reactive too.. I know it’s a difficult challenge but I have to ask; Would you want to have power over yourself or concede that power to someone else?
Whenever you react emotionally you are completely powerless and you are now easily manipulated by a couple of meaningless words that someone hurls your way.. Yeah, I know that there are those folks who will disagree and talk about the history and what black folks had to endure. Believe me when I tell you this, we aren’t the only people on the face of the planet who have had to endure persecution, pain, suffering and hardship. You can be sure of one damn thing and that is we won’t be the last and as long as folks allow the history of the word nigger to enslave them to that past, that’s exactly where they will remain. Listen up when I tell you this, it will serve you well to just let go of some history, otherwise you will never be able to move forward…Don’t allow a meaningless string of letters define who you are or control you my brothers and sisters…That’s all I’m saying..
Now some of ya’ll might get offended by this statement but; It’s time for those of you who are offended being called niggers, crackers,  faggots and whatever to move on ..Let it go so you can grow…
Just thought I’d throw that in there atcha so don’t take it personal… 
Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected YQKZ-YEWE-YJ38-P0U1

The Face of Hypocrisy, Ignorance and Denial (a pale-skinned man)

Welcome, you have now stepped into the realm of truth and hopefully you will enjoy the read and become another enlightened soul…

Human values are the principles, standards, convictions and beliefs that people adopt as their guidelines in daily activities. Principal human values are the foundation on which professional ethics are built. They are a set of consistent measures and behaviors that individuals choose to practice in the pursuit of doing what is right or what is expected of them in a humane society. Most laws and legislation are shaped by human values. If a country professes freedom, equality and justice for all as well as high moral family values then the leader of this country should embrace and reflect those same principles and values…

Now I for one am extremely aware of the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of hypocrisy in the makeup of our species and our society… I am aware of how it courses through the arteries of  the most unaltruistic of our kind and lends itself to malevolent folks who promulgate self-serving agendas.  I also understand completely how the process/action which is not seen (thought) allows compromise to maneuver and manipulate many people’s sense of values and principles which in turn open the door for hypocrisy to take root and flourish..If we paid closer attention to the behavior and actions (not rhetoric) of  said folks who demand our steadfast adherence to these fundamental values/principles we would acknowledge their blatant hypocritical posturing and require the same of them. Unless of course we choose to be swept up in a wave of ignorance and denial ourselves for whatever reasons…Which of course is exactly what the trumpeteers have elected to do!!
Pervasive describes things that spread through a place to become established everywhere.
Ubiquitous describes things that are everywhere in a place because it is the nature of that place to have those ubiquitous things.
You see, hypocrisy begins to spread throughout a place if left unchecked or unchallenged and if not brought to the forefront, it will inevitably become established and rooted there.. Once this has transpired, it is now pervasive and ubiquitous (everywhere) becoming the nature of  the place and those nefarious things (people) that inhabit it. So now, Let us just take a moment here for just a tad bit of retrospection (reflection or reviewing past events or situations).
I heard a pale skinned man say that ( if elected to the highest office in this land) that he would build a great wall on his country’s border to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering his country and that Mexico would pay for the construction of that wall.
I heard a pale skinned man claim that he would make his country (America) great again.
I heard a pale skinned man boast of how  wealthy he is and how he used a system to write off debts that in turn exempted him from certain tax obligations.
I heard a pale-skinned man say that he would not turn over his tax returns  for review (why not, if there is nothing to hide)? Me thinks that there is….
I heard this pale-skinned man say that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act that provides health insurance coverage for over 30 million Americans (no replacement mind you).
I heard a pale-skinned man say that when you are a star, that they (woman) let you do anything.(Grab them by the pussy, you can do anything). WTF, Is this what you want your daughters to hear spewing from the mouth of a person she is supposed to respect and admire…Really?  
I heard this pale skinned man incite and welcome violence with his careless rhetoric and then when someone acts on it, he denies any culpability.. He will later claim that his remarks were taken out of context, misconstrued and that it wasn’t what he meant.
I heard this pale-skinned man invite Russia to hack his rival, Hillary Clinton’s e-mails..
There is so much more that this pale-skinned man has said but I think you kinda get my drift. This type of irresponsible rhetoric and unacceptable behavior was consistently displayed throughout his campaign and only mildly criticized which would indicate a clearly he is mentally unfit for the office and definitely is someone who is not to be trusted… yet, he was elected. Of course the Republican party had no comments…No backbones!! Why? Well you know “Birds of a feather flock together”!!
Somehow, we have allowed exception to the rule and lowered the bar for this asinine and classless pale-skinned man where others would have been ostracized, repudiated and lambasted for the same.. Make no doubt about it, if it were President O’Bama, he would have been .. So, one would most surely ask, why was this buffoon given a pass? Here in lies the old familiar ally of pale-skinned people (double standard ). How is it possible that a man who not only demonstrates a low level of IQ, an incompetent level of articulation, an extremely shallow tolerance for criticism (thin skin), has consistently made disparaging, disrespectful, demeaning and hateful remarks about other human beings and is completely unapologetic for it, be elected POTUS? This is a man who is void of integrity, principles and moral ethics, all of which would have been a prerequisite for anyone else seeking the office…
There is this old adage about the fruit not falling far from the tree that bears it and that would definitely apply here. So, allow me to give ya’ll a synopsis of their history…You see although you will not find this taught in any conventional schools (and most pale-skinned folks will vehemently deny it),  but the majority of the first pale-skinned people of Europe that came to the Americas were of a trash class completely void of any decency, values or principles as were the so-called elite class  who weren’t any different. They just had money, power and influence but still carried the same stench! All of England was rife with poverty so the Crown as well as other nobles wanted to rid the country of this heavy burden and ship them off to the Americas under the guise of indentured servitude (slaves)..
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Conquering the Obstacle (Fear)

Welcome, this truth should speak to the hearts and souls of all people but mainly to my dark-skinned brothers and sisters with whom I hope my words will resonate deeply with..

The greatest hindrance to any one person being able to pursue aspirations and succeeding in life aside from those obstacles that have been systematically placed in their pathway is the propensity for procrastination, a lack of faith in our ability and fear. Of course I’m not referring to those folks who may have some form of physical or mental disabilities that may or may not be an impediment, but primarily to those of us who are in complete control of all of our faculties. I thoroughly understand what the ramifications and impacts of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, discrimination, sexism, injustice and other forms of practiced oppression may have on a person’s psyche. I get it, but in this country does it determine who we are and where we go in life? If not, then why on earth do so many of us settle for it?

Being excluded from having the same opportunities and privilege is a major disadvantage and in many respects has been a common practice of the people in power over those that they fear and oppress. Yes, I said fear because that is exactly what lays at the core for their oppression. They are extremely fearful of the dark-skinned people in this country and throughout the world, otherwise they wouldn’t feel the necessity to oppress any human especially those that they think they are superior to.  So, I ask you, who is the real inferior human on earth? The pale skinned people’s fear is a natural fear that resides in their DNA and is compounded by the hateful bigoted and racist rhetoric that they are fed… The dark-skinned people’s fear has come from centuries of enslavement, cruel and vicious acts of murder, castration, burnings, bombings, hangings, rape, mutilation, false imprisonment and beatings as well as a perpetual stream of mis-information to instill in us a sense of docility and inferiority.. Today we can refer to this type of behavior as terrorism!!!!

Now with that said, should a person accept a place in life that has been determined for him or her by others? Should the promulgation and diffusion of tactics or methods such as marginalization, demoralization, degradation and blatant humiliation that are intended to stifle our progress and shatter our image of self and destroy ones will be enough to strike in one an insurmountable fear? Should they?

I for one,  say no it should not, but it certainly has achieved overwhelming success in effecting the psyche of many. Personally, I have refused to acknowledge or accept this as an excuse.. Of course I have experienced a great deal of fear and self-doubt in my years but I had to learn how to be determined and how to not let this be a hindrance. Yes, as I gaze around, I fully understand and somewhat over-stand that basically everything that I see is predominantly controlled and provided by the pale skinned Euro/American people. This is what I see but it is not the way that I live. I, a fifth generation African (Akan/Temne) American and is the direct descendant of slaves in this country has not allowed myself to be conquered by this overwhelming and unjust reality..

What has transpired in this country against my people ( and others) then and now only stirs up inside of me a tenacious fire to persevere and excel.  My fire is no different from your fire. The only exception is that I channel my fire in a more satisfying and productive way. Can you imagine the impact that you could have on your life and others by just re-examining your priorities and channeling your fire (anger) in a more productive capacity? We constantly become snared by the pale skinned people’s traps and we haven’t learned how to avoid them.. We have allowed these people to dictate the narrative of who and what we are as well as who and what we are not. Along the way we have become much too fearful and skeptical of what we are capable of achieving and have failed to tap into our tenacious fire… This fire has burned in the souls of our ancestors throughout antiquity and over the last few centuries has enabled us to persevere and endure the harshest of cruelties and atrocities.. There has been far too much pain and suffering and inequality…

Wow, it is utterly amazing that we are still here which is in and of itself a true testament to that perseverance and fire that I am speaking of.. Now you know what you possess inside and what you are dealing with.

There are many, many obstacles in life that we must overcome and yes it can be a daunting challenge… So my brothers and sisters I ask , is the real obstacle you and if so, then is it fair to say that the real conqueror is also you?

Written by; Alton T DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected WRHY-YYFJ-MUWX-YBRA

Letter to T.O. and Those

Hey my brother,

Firstly and foremost let me personally acknowledge and congratulate you brother on what has been an outstanding and stellar world of fame career as one of the most prolific and premier wide receivers to ever play in the NFL. You have no doubt established your place in the upper echelon of professional athletes and in the annals of NFL history as one of the best to have ever played the game. Personally I am enormously grateful to have had the privilege of witnessing your astounding athletic talent and contribution to the game…. So I ask, what do you need the NFL Hall of Fame for? 

Secondly, I have been trying to figure out for the longest time why some of the most highly accomplished African/American (Black) athletes as well as actors and entertainers have this incessant need to be recognized by white America for their achievements and success? What the heck is that all about? Is it because they have been conditioned to do so and don’t really recognize it or is it just ego? More than likely it’s a combination of both!!!

Why do folks need these white established/invented institutions to serve as an acclamation and final exclamation point on ones professional career and level of greatness? What purpose do they really serve?

As far as I’m concerned, these institutions are another form of mental and emotional enslavement (although they weren’t intended to be) for our brothers and sisters and others. Since when does any person (esp. one of color) need the affirmation of another to rate or validate their contributions or the level of their performance? Whenever a person buys into that type of mentality, they have placed themselves at the mercy of those who have invented the process as well as those who vote ( most of whom are white). These puny pompous people with their nomination/induction process and ceremonial event revel in the thought that their otherwise meaningless existence at this particular time has some relevant power (it does not). Only if you subscribe to the process and recognize it as valid.

White folks created these institutions of so-called prominence, acclaim and fame so that they can decide who meets the standard of excellence (something they’ve also have manufactured) and who has the honor of gracing its walls and corridors for folks to gawk at in wonderment. It is a part of the conditioning process that occurs very early in one’s life.. Rewards for Excellence.. Man it is all so pretentious and subjective and actually when it comes down to it, it means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of life, the world and the universe…

For most, I guess it serves as the final stamp of approval and recognition (from a select group of people who have probably never played a down) and just maybe one last widely publicized and nationally televised stroke for the ego. Oh please, please, please I need some stroking…What do you mean, I’m not worthy to be inducted into the Hall of Fame? Really???

Well, most of us seem to need a pat on the back for a job well done.. Although it’s gotta be a huge disappointment when it doesn’t come through. But hey, that is exactly what one has to expect when one relies on others to validate who they are and what they have accomplished.. You are now at their mercy and most of them are recklessly intoxicated with that notion… It’s gives them what they perceive as the power to validate or not. Which I guess can be a crushing blow to most. Personally, I wouldn’t give a crap or give them the pleasure…Just my pennies worth!!

Just a final note; I am all for excellence. Yes, be the best that you can possibly be. Do not settle for mediocrity and let your body of work speak for you,  not someone else’s standard of excellence..

Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected 5SJY-KM0U-ACGZ-FBEF

Conversation With A White Man

It is said that you never really know how someone really feels until you have a conversation with that person. I recently had the opportunity to engage in one such conversation and I must confess folks, it was quite revealing. Allow me to give you just a little back ground before I get started and I will refrain from using any names here.

Now, I have known this man whom I held in high regard (and to some extent, still do) for just a little over fourteen years through a working relationship. However, you know what they say; “I know him but I really don’t know him”. He comes across as very compassionate, understanding, personable and an honest person. Extremely easy to talk with and from what I could surmise then and still to this day, he does not have a single racist bone in his being… He’s  intelligent, disciplined, methodical, calculating, loyal and driven to be successful, all of which are qualities that I respect, admire and have personally aspired to incorporate in my life…His smile and demeanor are very disarming and could leave one with the impression of a docile man…But make no mistake about it, he’s a sly fox and skilled predator who knows how to shake people up in order to get what he needs to get done…These are for the most part pretty much common traits in all successful business men and women..
I first met him, by way of a referral through about 15 years ago through some IT Techs who were impressed with me and my work…So they helped to open the door for me to work with and for this man and it has proven to be a very successful and rewarding business relationship for both of us.  His business had grown exponentially over the years and I was entrusted with building the communications and data infrastructure for his over thirty locations.. Each location opened without a hitch and when he had sold the business out a few yeas ago, I had nothing to complain about because he took me along for the ride and I will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave me. So when he very recently decided to pursue another business venture, I was contacted and with some hesitation ( only because I had retired) opted in… Besides, I was contemplating doing a little something on the side anyway to keep me somewhat occupied.
So now, a few weeks ago while working at a new location, I was sitting in an office performing a little programming…He walks in, asks me how am I doing and gives me a fist bump ( cause he knows that I’m not a hand shaker)..
He then proceeds to talk about black people and how we need to stop bringing up slavery and what happened forty years ago. Man, you know I just had to take a moment to let this marinate and think about whether or not he really understood the gravity of what he was saying. Was this a statement that he truly believed in his heart or was he just regurgitating some BS that he and a lot of folks like him have heard other people say over the years and even more so lately.. I mean I gotta tell ya, I had to catch myself because either he was being extremely audacious or was just plain ignorant because stupid he is not. Did he really feel that comfortable with me that he could speak that openly with me? Was he really that disconnected or did he possibly feel that because of his position (You know, the man who signs my checks) and being white, that this actually granted him that privilege? I really had no answer but I definitely wanted to put him in check.
He continued talking about my people as though he were some expert on African-American history,culture and behavior.  You know that mentality that most white folks have which is that (we all look and act alike)..This man’s ancestors not only enslaved Africans but committed some of the most heinous and cruelest atrocities against my people and now we should just forget about it!! You see, it’s like saying if someone get’s their ass whipped every single day for years, well they should let bygones be bygones.  Hell no, you need to always remember that shit because they may just try to do it again and you need to be ready for it!! I can almost guarantee you one thing and that is, if the situation were reversed  he wouldn’t be trying to forget  about it and odds are he’d be more than likely thinking about how he could get revenge and possibly turn the tables..That’s just how most white folks roll man..They don’t forget and they don’t forgive, they find a way to get even with your ass…
He then to talked about what Trump had said regarding the state of Black people and how the Obama administration had done practically nothing for us and what did we have to lose by voting for Trump?  Sadly to say there are a lot of black folks  that feel the very same way…You know it’s very interesting and just a bit comical just how much white folks forget how we got into this predicament in the first place. They always seem to conveniently have a lapse in memory of how white America has always managed to put various strangle hold measures in place that pretty much impeded the progress of most Black people.
You see, they don’t want to talk about that imbecile Bush 43 and his administration’s lack of oversight which allowed the economy, wall street, and housing market to crash and how we were inextricably plunged into a financial crisis.. How their rapaciousness dragged us into an unnecessary war, how he blew a trillion-dollar surplus and how the pentagon misplaced 2.3 Trillion dollars all under his watch (oh and let us not forget about that inside 911 job that they’d like us to believe was committed by some folks from a third world desert country)…Yeah, these so-called Saudi terrorists were slicker than the US intelligence department which probably wrote the book on slick aka espionage and covert activity…But they are sure quick to point out how badly we’re doing under Obama (click link) who just happened to create millions more jobs than Bush, as though his administration did such an outstanding job. Really??(SMH)….He also wanted to make a point of just how much black on black crime there is and the high number of murders that are being committed these days and how disproportionately the percentages are as it relates to blacks being killed by cops  as opposed to whites being killed by cops and that cops should be given  due process. I had to remind him that our brothers and sisters who were being executed by these cops were also entitled to that same due process but were denied it by a cops bullet that rendered their own form of justice (death). I also let him know that my people will stop talking about the injustices when the injustices stop and that we’ll stop talking about slavery when white folks stop talking about the holocaust, pearl harbor,the 911 hoax and other atrocities that they suffered. They would have been talking about white slavery but it hasn’t impacted them as it has black folks and besides they don’t want to be telling folks that their ancestors were once enslaved by their own!!!!They’ll deny that all the way to their graves and claim it was indentured servitude.. They always like to make foul shit that they have done sound palatable….Much easier to digest!
Why is that white folks are always trying to tell black folks what we should and should not be doing and what we should and should not talk about? You ever notice how when you bring up all the foul shit that they’ve done, their response is ( that’s in the past) no need to bring up shit from the past and how we need to get beyond it and move forward… They always want to sell us on how good Blacks have it now and some BS about how great  and virtuous they are in order to keep folks distracted from the truths. You know, like we should be thankful that we’re not still slaves and we should shut the hell up….You see, this is the kinda ignorant self-righteous, holier than thou condescending mentality that could make a righteous people become ruthless and wicked and want to inflict some serious pain upon them but most black folk are just not like that.. Maybe we need to be, to some extent!!! 
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