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This particular topic has been swirling around in my mind for years and now I feel that the time has arrived for me to finally speak on it. As you can see, the title to this piece is (WORDS) and I’m going to speak about the power that people give them.. What exactly are words except a means of which we communicate and interact with one another for whatever the purpose may be. They are fundamental and primarily essential  to our understanding and learning but otherwise are not relevant…However, there are those people in the world who understand the power that words can have and will not hesitate to use them as a tool to divide, control, manipulate and exploit… So Beware!
Now, the words that I want to talk about at this time are those that are used for the sole purpose of hurting people or to elicit deep pain… Words that are intended to dehumanize, marginalize, denigrate, demean, humiliate, belittle another person.. Words like nigger, cracker, coon, honky, wetback, chink, monkey, faggot, queer and etcetra…. These are the words that most often times than not folks allow themselves to be stricken by only because they give these otherwise meaningless words power when they don’t actually have any.. That’s right, I said it; Words have absolutely no power whatsoever unless you give them power…
What are they really except a bunch of letters strung together that we have assigned a definition to. I mean, you can’t actually physically take them in your hand and cause someone grave bodily harm as you can some object such as a rock, stick, knife, gun or whatever now can you? However,  for some inexplicable reason that is far beyond my comprehension, folks get all emotionally worked up over some words that some ignorant folks verbally hurl at them.. It’s no wonder this world is so screwed up..Let’s take these following words for example (nigger, niggers, nigga, and niggas) which carry a very distinct and demonstrative history of racism, hatred, bigotry, ignorance and violence intended to demean and destroy the spirit of Black folks. At the time it served it’s purpose cause black folks just had to accept what white folks and others were dishing out. They would string our asses up from a tree if we ignored them back then but it ain’t like that now so these so-called offensive words only have the power to inflict hurt and pain if we allow them to.
Let me share something with you; I had this  instance where this white guy said ( yo mama) to me in an attempt to get under my skin. Really? I felt that it was very comical and I was a little surprised given the fact that he had to be at least  in his fifties. I mean c’mon man ( yo mama), I’m sixty-two and I haven’t heard that since grade school….Consequentially I thought it was ignorant and childish and replied to him (was that the best that he could do) and I guess next he was going to call me a nigger? The situation could have escalated if I had engaged him but I would not and refused to give him power by the mere use of a few words. Those words he shot at me were  blanks and had absolutely no power to inflict damage.. I basically rendered them  and him, powerless. The dude had nothing else in his arsenal and that was that!
Man listen up, folks need to develop some thick skin and stop being so sensitive about meaningless crap and learn how to deflect that nonsense because at the end of the day, that is exactly what it amounts to, nonsense!!! There are far to many things of greater importance than folks allowing themselves to be a slave to a word… Really? Once you have shown anyone that they can get under your skin by the mere use of a word or words, you no longer have power or control.. It is important to your well-being and state of mind to take control of what you allow to get inside of your head folks and what you are reactive too.. I know it’s a difficult challenge but I have to ask; Would you want to have power over yourself or concede that power to someone else?
Whenever you react emotionally you are completely powerless and you are now easily manipulated by a couple of meaningless words that someone hurls your way.. Yeah, I know that there are those folks who will disagree and talk about the history and what black folks had to endure. Believe me when I tell you this, we aren’t the only people on the face of the planet who have had to endure persecution, pain, suffering and hardship. You can be sure of one damn thing and that is we won’t be the last and as long as folks allow the history of the word nigger to enslave them to that past, that’s exactly where they will remain. Listen up when I tell you this, it will serve you well to just let go of some history, otherwise you will never be able to move forward…Don’t allow a meaningless string of letters define who you are or control you my brothers and sisters…That’s all I’m saying..
Now some of ya’ll might get offended by this statement but; It’s time for those of you who are offended being called niggers, crackers,  faggots and whatever to move on ..Let it go so you can grow…
Just thought I’d throw that in there atcha so don’t take it personal… 
Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected YQKZ-YEWE-YJ38-P0U1

Same Ocean, Different Pools of Water

Let’s Be Truthful;

We are all born in the same ocean of humanity but swimming in different pools of water.. There are those who aspire to achieve great things and those who are content with mediocrity.  All of us have different dreams and aspirations, different goals, wants , needs and different perceptions of how we view the world as well as  each other. We are immersed in an ocean of differences and variables that play an active role in what transpires in our lives. There are those of us who are born in a life raft, those who manage to swim to another body of water and some who need a hand getting there…Unfortunately a large majority of  us are just threading water while those who aren’t able to do either one, just simply give up and look for someone to help keep them afloat or just  end up drowning.

Henceforth a fundamental disparity exists among most folks of the Black Diaspora and the rest of humanity for that matter. Everybody is not able to swim out of the ocean and some are only able to go so far. Everyone does not make it to the safe pools  and some will just sink to the bottom. Another way to look at this is to view life is like  a ladder,; you have the bottom rung, the top rung and the rungs in between. Now, the question is which rung can you climb to and which rung are you willing to settle on?  If you fail to put forth the effort, how in the world can you expect to move? You gotta climb baby, you gotta climb. Everybody is not making it to the top man, it just ain’t happening. . Some will get a little frustrated and need a hand and some will just plain give up.. That’s just about it in a nutshell. It just doesn’t get much simpler than that folks. It ain’t rocket science man!

Listen up; Folks want to have it good but don’t want to do what it takes to have it good. Good don’t come free and once you get it you got to do what it takes to keep it…All they have is just a lot of lip service..That’s it!!

I get folks approaching me from time to time and talking about Man, you sure got it good. Well hell yeah, but it sure wasn’t always like this. That’s for damn sure.. They’re only seeing the finished product but what they didn’t see was how hard I had to work my ass off to get here. All people see are the trimmings of modest success and never factor in what it entails to get there. Now we got some will attempt to hinder your progress but you gotta keep swimming. They’ll try to grab a hold onto you but you just gotta kick their asses away….I wrote about saboteurs in another piece and these are the folks that want to stop you from making something of yourself. A lot of folks don’t want you to make it because it is a constant reminder of their lack of progress. ….THE HATERS!!!

But the person that really does the most damage is the person who never challenges themselves or the status quo. This person has a self defeatist mentality and attitude and has brain shackled themselves. Yeah that’s right, we can most often times be our own worst enemy!!! All I got to say is what folks had always told me when I was crying that same old bs. Either s–t or get off the pot..

It’s an ocean baby so you either sink or you swim!! Hell yeah it’s rough, it’s hard man, but it is what it is but it doesn’t mean that it always has to remain so..Man you gotta look inside and find that warrior, that fighting spirit that is within you if you want something meaningful out of life. You gotta get on with the mission man..My auntie Liz said to me once (boy, there ain’t no pie in the sky and you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth). Duhh…Well I had no idea what the heck she was talking about at the time ( wish I did) because it sure would have alleviated a lot of pain, disappointments and bad decisions. But hey, I eventually got it and knew that I had to swim those waters or climb that ladder. I believe that I am a much better person for the experience..We live and we learn…Hopefully we get it a lot earlier. Same Ocean, Different Pools of Water…

So which pool of water will you swim in or how high on the ladder will you climb???

One last thought: If you are in the darkness would you not build a fire or light a light so that you can see? Same principle in life. Why wander around in the darkness when you can light up your way with education and knowledge… Light up the darkness my brother and sisters. Light it up!!

Written by: Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth)

Shout out to all my Akan and Temne folks in Africa… Registered & Protected J6O8-7ED2-I62T-ZPLB


I find myself often times immersed in moments of introspective contemplation.. Where would I be in this life had it not been for the pioneers who from different walks of life (ethnic groups) helped to blaze the trail for freedom with much pain and immense sacrifice. So much has been given with so little recognition, appreciation or reciprocity for their efforts and accomplishments.

Humanity has benefited and made progress but still we are snared by a tsunami of greed, hypocrisy and a universally rigged system which binds us mentally, economically, socially and educationally. We are unable to realize how we have been manipulated into hating and fighting each other when our primary focus should be directed at those who created the color line and racism to begin with.

You see, white America doesn’t speak about nor teach her history of white slavery in colonial America prior to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The only slavery that we are familiar with are the African slaves. We haven’t been educated about the Irish slaves who were displaced from their lands, murdered by the British and sent to the sugar cane fields or other plantations throughout the West Indies. They speak not of the British underclass of men, women, children, vagrants, prostitutes, convicts who over populated their country and gallows.. Poverty, hunger, discontent, disease, unemployment, prostitution, murder, corruption and all manner of despicable and illicit behavior was rampant throughout their country. These unfortunate souls became too much of a burden for the English crown and therefore, became a prime target of exploitation by the elite and merchants.

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Paganism, Christianity and Africans

If Paganism was the belief and practice of the Ancient African people and their civilizations flourished and delivered mankind (especially Europe into civilization), exactly why is it that Africans follow a religion such as (Christianity) that has been given to them by their oppressors and has brought them nothing but centuries of perpetual pain and suffrage at the hands of those fellow Christians? Am I missing something here?

I mean we are talking about an African people who flourished for millenniums in the most advanced civilizations of their time. African people who constructed monolithic structures with probably the most rudimentary of tools( as far as we know ) that can neither be explained how or even duplicated with the most advanced machinery of today. An African people who introduced government, medicine, education, science, astrology, arts, music, literature, the written and spoken language, culture and much more to humankind….

Paganism is the embracing and reverence of nature and all of the natural elements. Understanding the delicate balance needed to be maintained between man and nature..The spiritual and the metaphysical realm of creation and existence..
It’s simply an umbrella term covering many different religions and belief systems.
Paganism is a spiritual way of life and its origins are rooted in the ancient nature religions of the world.
Paganism has absolutely nothing to do with Satan, demons, or devils. Pagans do not believe in the entity Satan,which basically is a construct of a Christian concept!!!!.

Paganism, is sometimes referred to as (The Old Religion) which predates Christianity and has absolutely nothing to do with worshiping or performing rituals and sacrifices and honor of the devil!!.

Could it be that Christianity was designed to enslave us Spiritually and Mentally? Encourage us to worship a God and Christ manufactured in their likeness in order to facilitate and create a world of white superiority?
Guide us away from our Ancestral beliefs and practices because of our historically proven and well documented dominance in the world?
Folks really need to think about this…

 Christianity is a fabricated religion like most designed and diffused throughout the world by so-called Christians and their subjugates devoted to instilling the element of fear into those folks it desires to control…Flood the unwitting minds of people with the  illusion of a Purgatory and have them envisioning their souls burning for an eternity in hell over fire and brimstone. The only relief for their so-called sinful behavior or impoverished situation is to beg for forgiveness and pray for deliverance to a God they created.

Paganism existed many thousands of years before the birth of the so-called son of God and Christianity which is a borrowed story from other religions.We know by research that Christianity has substituted Pagan deities with fabricated ones of their own and the stories illustrate too many similarities to be coincidence….

So, why is it that the majority of African Christians refuse to acknowledge the hypocrisy and flawed foundation of this religion? Why do they place such a strong belief in this doctrine of fallacy with its false deity?  Is it a cop-out? Maybe it allows them the relief of responsibility and action…Who knows….Why not denounce that religion which looks outward for salvation and embrace a belief that increases your level of spirituality and enhances your oneness with the universe?

Pagans; They seek to enhance the quality of life by bettering themselves and the world around them through dedication to their chosen spiritual path;  from What is Paganism

Below is a link that provides a glimpse into what Paganism is. Read it and hopefully it will shed some light for those of you that are stuck in the darkness… 

Written by; Al DeVeaux Jr. Africafifth Registered & Protected LGYV-J5OG-TUSE-EXJC

Noose to Bullet

Early 1900’s  Anywhere in Anytown USA.

Where ya goi’n boy were the words that ricochet loudly off the ear drums  of a tired and worn down but proud young Black man on this hot, muggy and sweltering day in Anytown U.S.A.

Big Mo kept on walking because he just wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with some redneck cracker on a hot and muggy afternoon. He had just finished putting in another long hard days work in the plant and the only thing on his mind right now, was getting home to his wife and kids, taking a shower and sitting down to have a nice home cooked meal.  After which he would go out on the front porch, enjoy a nice cool drink, watch the kids play around for a while before calling it another day. But before he could even entertain any of that, he had to deal with this irritating and ignorant cracker…

Hey nigger, you hear me talk’in to ya? I said where ya goi’n?  Big Mo was taking long full long strides, trying to put some distance between the two of them as he wanted to reach the bus before the confrontation he knew was imminent caught up with him.  He could see the bus pulling up to the stop but he was just not close enough to get on it and avoid what was coming. Damn, he thought to himself, out of all the days to possibly be late getting home for dinner. Why this one? You see this day was also a special occasion for Big Mo and his wife. They were soon to be the proud owners of a new home and this would be their night to celebrate.. It didn’t matter that he still had to rely on public transportation to get around because ownership of a home is what he and his wife, Mattie had always dreamed of. It would give them a sense of security and it would be theirs..Not too many Black folks owned their homes then but they would be one of the few that did..Yes, this was indeed cause for celebration…First things first though…

Big Mo came to an abrupt stop, whirled his huge frame of a body around and glared with an incessant disdain and annoyance directly into the eyes of his insolent pursuer and said, what you want with me? I ain’t doing nothing but trying to get home to my wife and kids. Unfortunately Big Mo wouldn’t make it home this night. He had dared question a white man and did so in a manner that was considered challenging to the authority and superiority of this nobody cracker. A heated exchange between the two would ensue and it would draw the unwanted attention of other white folks. Soon afterwards a mob of curious and angry white men would gather around and the instigator would accuse Big Mo of being an uppity nigger who needed to be taught a lesson. They would collapse around Big MO, beat him down and take him out to the woods to string him up. He wouldn’t be celebrating with his wife tonight, he wouldn’t be sitting down to enjoy his dinner with his family, he wouldn’t be sitting out on the porch sipping a cool drink while his children played and he and his family would never know the experience of owning their own home.

He would never live to breathe another day in Anytown USA. All because of the ignorance and racist vile that has permeated the air throughout American  society and has profusely stained its soil with the innocent blood of ( far too many to count ) black men, women and children in this country. This is a short story that is all to reminiscent of what it is like to be Black and living in a white dominated society in Anywhere, Anytime USA. This has an oh so familiar ring to it does it not? The scenario has been played out time and time again in this so-called white dominated world of ours one way or another.

Let’s fast forward 100 years  plus and we are still experiencing the same racist vitriol.  The perpetrators today are in the uniforms of Law enforcement. Whether it is walking, driving, jogging, shopping or playing in a department store or a park with a play gun, having  dark skin is an open invitation for harassment and possible death. Just the mere suspicion of guilt by law enforcement or any white citizen today, ( just as it was back then )  appears to be cause enough to justify murder….It appears that we have gone from the noose to the bullet and we can’t seem to shake it….We pray for the families of those innocent Black lives who have left this planet so abruptly at the hands of racism and by those who have an indifference to life. We must feel a compelling duty to eradicate our society of this insensitivity to human life on both sides of the paradigm or we are doomed….

We are all Big Mo’s, Mattie’s, their family and some of us may never make it back home. This my people is the harsh reality of the world we live in today. It is much to often the unavoidable and undeniable brevity of life for Black folk here in America..We Must Change The Narrative…

 All prayers to the most high for strength and courage as we embark on a new meaningful course for the Black Diaspora..

Written by; Al Deveaux Jr. Africafifth Registered & Protected X8K6-IDMR-OCYY-07B1

The Black Collective

Let’s Be Truthful;

We the Diaspora of dark-skinned people whose journey and fate was condemned to eternal damnation lament for the Black collective..  We are forever disconnected from the Motherland of Africa just as Africa herself is disconnected from us due to the incursion of a European race of rapacious parasitical vermin. A vandalous lot whose wanton destructive behavior desecrated, ravaged, and plundered her earth and sold her children into bondage far across the oceans which in effect condemned them to a life of horrific hell on earth for centuries. They would be forever changed and damaged with their identity lost and buried from a period of slavery.

There can never be one person, body or organization that can work for the greater interest of the Black collective. The Black collective is much too fragmented and compromised from within.. We are an assembly of many different black and brown people of the Diaspora who have different aspirations, hopes and dreams. We will always be a divided people unable to organize within the confines of this nation for there are insurmountable challenges and dynamics that prevent our solidarity. Both within and without as Marcus Garvey has spoken so eloquently about during his tenure as the president of UNIA in the early 1900’s. A clash of beliefs, ideas and egos between the NAACP and the UNIA  as well as white intervention during that period prevented the upward growth of the Black collective,..During that era of post reconstruction there existed a pervasive cloud of destructive contradictions in dynamics;

the forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.”the dynamics of changing social relations

as it pertained to the Black populace.  The prominent and highly venerated W.E.B. DuBois labeled Garvey as the most dangerous man to the Negro people.. Garvey in turn said of DuBois who heads that “Negro-hating organization known as the Association for the Advancement of “Colored” People are the greatest enemies the black people have in the world. One leader is Black as the night and one leader could pass for white…One advocates a repatriation to Africa, the other advocates the absorption into white society for those lighter skinned Negroes. .Hmmm.

The greatest and most highly acclaimed Black leaders couldn’t work in the best interest of the Black collective then and they sure as hell can’t do it now..

We’ve always hampered by Black intellectuals , activists, politicians, teachers,  preachers and proletariats ( ordinary working folks ) who are incapable of setting aside differences long enough to find common ground that would yield viable and constructive solutions.. We are a petty and egotistical people who are too self-absorbed, arrogant and morally challenged who consistently sabotage and demean one other. ie; coon, uncle tom, sell outs. We have developed a propensity for pretentiousness and have many conflicting perceptions of success for the Black populace. We suffer immensely from the perpetuity of internal and external degradation of our Blackness as well as always questioning the authentication of Black enough!!!

Look folks, there are different classes of black people, we are not all the same just because we wear the same colored skin. . What we do have in common is a shared history both past and present of enslavement, oppression, injustice and unequal rights as a Black collective in America. It defines and binds us to a degree but does not necessarily represent who we are completely.  We must acknowledge and respect one another because of that and in the same respect acknowledge our individualism and uniqueness’s…Now if we could just set our differences aside and work for a common good, that would be beautiful..However…

We have adapted the ways of our European oppressors and are unable to separate ourselves from who they want us to be as opposed to who we were born to be. Lacking the knowledge of our history and personal identity we are always struggling for our place in society and the world…Please understand that anything that has been suppressed and controlled by a dominant force over an extended period of time will eventually  take on or mimic some of the characteristics of that force. ie;Hybrid

We aspire to achieve individual accomplishments, success and stature for the acquisition of  meaningless trinkets. We strive to distance ourselves from those of the lesser black class in order assimilate into the accomplished and successful Black and white populace. We bask in the intoxicating euphoria of recognition from our white counterparts and peers. We swim in the ocean of  virtue and bathe in the showers of reverence.  We are conflicted and confused and we will forever be quarrelsome among one another. We fail to understand that we are all black in skin but don’t  necessarily embrace the same principles, ideals, standards and aspirations . In every society and ethnic group a hierarchy will always exist. History substantiates that as a prerequisite for any governing body in a civilization.. We of the Black populace are ignorant of this and expect that all will and should be granted the same. Not happening!!!

Unless there is a huge paradigm shift within the Black populace that brings forth solidarity which in turn elevates the Black collective it will remain business as usual…   The dominant species will always oppress the weaker one and there will always be an underclass no matter the color of skin. It is the law of nature or just the nature of the beast regardless of how contentious it may sound. We will always yearn for better than what we have,,, Question is can we achieve it collectively? Others have but I have my doubts about us…..

The show will play out on center stage and everyone will play a role no matter how significant or insignificant. But what about the Black collective you ask?

 “The leadership of the past has been a leadership more destructive than constructive—a leadership that misrepresented the true desires, the true hopes of this struggling race of ours.”   Garvey, Marcus 

When the day dawns where the sun rises on a colorblind world, the day’s sun will set in that world and class-ism will still exist.. The Black Collective is non-existent…It always has been and always will be about class…Color is just a means of lumping us all together…Be about that knowledge and be about that change….

Written by; Al DeVeaux Jr. Africafifth Registered & Protected GGXI-LPBQ-P4AC-MUYT