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In The Mist of Rejection and Turmoil

The pain of rejection is often times unbearable as is the emotional turmoil that accompanies it. We become enveloped and overwhelmed. Clouded thoughts and consumed in a melancholy spirit. Consequentially the rejection gives us cause to search for a passageway to  escapism. We look inward and question ourselves, ( why am I not accepted or what is wrong with me)? We begin to internalize it all thus creating a degree of self-doubt and emotional baggage…..Pathway to self-destruction!!!

Eyes seek solace of heart and recognition of self in the eyes of another which eludes them. Compassion and empathy ? No, they dare not to waste them when they are in desperate need of such themselves. Oh, but yeh walks the way of the fooled among their deceptors…The harshness of rejection leaves one to ponder deeply in search of identity and relevance. A shattered spirit, a questionable existence paired with an abundance of doubt leads to an unstable mind. Have we become the trees rooted in the soil of confusion spread about in the mist of rejection and turmoil?

How do we define ourselves? How do we discover ourselves? How do we grow and flourish? How do we convert an otherwise meaningless existence into one of relevance? How do we make our presence on this earth matter? What we seek no man can bequeath us. Yet we measure our acceptance or rejection from one as the barometer of our very well being…Nonsense!!!

We have been short-changed and we have been sold short by others and ourselves. We have always been labeled as the underclass and appear to have accepted this as the standard-bearer. The higher levels of expectations seem to have either eluded us or have become too much of a challenge, so we are inclined to settle for less. Again I say, Nonsense!!!!

We can not forego the process of rejection and turmoil for they are unavoidable variables that accompany us through life. They inextricably co-exist but we need not become entangled in their snare. Society has rejected us and has for the most part written us off. Have we also done the same? Have we become much too complacent and distracted by the images of false deities? I have one question for you.

How is one group of people able to completely dominate another?

Simple folks, (Mind Control). Through the process of rejection, distraction, turmoil and it’s components. Ignorance by lack of education and knowledge. Reject your skin color, your features, your behavior, your aspirations and your dreams, reject your entire existence to the point of irrelevance until you have begun to reject yourself and others who look like you. You begin to either retaliate by adopting a full non compliance attitude of rejecting their authority and everything they represent or you begin to emulate them while they in turn rip off everything that is representative of you. Our music, our dance, our swag, our vernacular, our hand shakes and our fist bumps, our greetings, our gestures, our skin color and just about our entire vibe..Everything that they so call despise and that which comes from us they have adopted as theirs and we are too distracted and busy warring with each other to notice..

So, in the mist (not midst)of rejection and turmoil we have become lost and unable to see our way clear…We need not allow ourselves to be validated or defined by some individual or group who we just may be better than. But how is one to know when that which we seek has yet to reveal itself to us? Could it be that we are looking in all the wrong places?

Muhammad Ali once said that most people are looking for a miracle or for some great thing to change their lives. He also said that the gifts are within us. That is where our greatness is and that is where our miracle lies. How could a young African boy during a time of grave peril for Africans in America have the conviction and unshakable courage to stand up to a force most would surrender to? Could it be that it was because he knew who he was and he was also well aware of the greatness that was within him and that no man on earth was going to define him.? He was ostracized and loath by many for standing up for what he believed in and he sacrificed greatly. But he never once silenced his voice nor allowed his spirit and will to be broken. He epitomizes the greatness of self-love, the greatness of self-respect, the greatness of self-awareness and the greatness of self-determination. Ali absorbed all the rejection and he blossomed into greatness..

Ali quote: If you can see it, if you can believe it then you can achieve it…

We were all created by greatness so why not emulate that which has created us?  

Don’t live out your life being a what if…..

Enlightenment is indeed a destructive process. It is a tearing away of all belief and all fiction. It is a breaking down of all preformed ideas, concepts and paradigms, a breaking away of everything you believed to be real or to be true. It is a bringing to light, the stark reality of the world in which we live. It is seeing things as they truly are and not being afraid to call it for what it is. It is stripping your world and mind bare of everything you thought you were, everything you thought you knew and it is in realizing what you are, and what you have, and what you are really and truly doing with your tiny breath of time here in this reality… what everyone is doing… Max Igan

 Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

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