Perceptions Influences Perspectives

I know that a lot of folks will read this and find issue with it.. That’s understandable because I am challenging everything that you perceive and believe to be true in addition to how you perceive yourself and others to be. We have become so ingrained in certain teachings that we dear not consider the possibilities of those teachings to be incorrect and definitely not contrived. I would like you to take a moment to just consider who you are as well as what and how you think and how that has manifested into what and who you believe you are today.
My perceptions do influence my perspective and I attempt to look at things in a more abstract context. This allows me to form my views far outside the conventional school of methodology and thought. What we are is not necessarily who we are and vise versa.. What if we are just extensions of an intelligent consciousness that requires a physical state in order to exist? An intelligent matter that has designed not only the universe but everything that exists in it. Yeah, I know sounds unbelievable. Not nearly as much as the story of some white man with long  flowing white hair and beard who has been cast as the divine creator of all there is…If you can believe that well, surely you can entertain my theory!!!
So it is written that; In the beginning  God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void;  and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters… And God said, let there be light and there was light…Hmmm, I guess that would depend on what a so-called God is…
So, how do I perceive this and what is the perspective that I have?  Well, initially just like most people I suppose, I was taught that there was this divine God being who created the earth and every form of life that inhabits it… Consequently, my perception was dramatically influenced by what I was taught and the depictions of a  God that I was shown resulted in giving me a perspective (view) that was obscured and incorrect from these teachings… So, the question is; why was this done? The answer I believe that it was simply done as an effort to explain our presence here in a manner that we could relate too.It was considered blasphemous (and still is) to even think about questioning this myth..I decided to extricate my mind from the religions and their zealots, the so-called theologian scholars who are the conveyors of lies and deception and the purveyors of a manufactured creation story..I will seek to develop my own perceptions and my own perspective….I will question the story and those who continue to promulgate it..

Perspective is a point of view, perception is what you interpret. Perspective is an evaluation or analysis of something. It takes into account a belief system as well as what is taken in by the senses.

Perception is what you interpret from your five senses, touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information.

I especially like the last part: the process of attaining awareness or understanding of (SENSORY) information. How many times have you had a gut feeling about something, ignored it and in retrospect said man I knew I should have listened to my gut? How often have you felt pressured into doing something  that you didn’t want to do and regretted it afterwards? Our senses alert us of danger or when something just isn’t right but we continue to either ignore them, deny them and never challenge anything and then we capitulate.. Why? What are we so afraid of? Answer; Criticism and Ostracism.. Very powerful weapons!


We human beings are all the same and for the most part that is true to an extent, as it relates to the us as a  species. Most of us share the 5 basic senses that we are born with; (smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch) and maybe a sixth; intuition. The latter being the one we often times fail to acknowledge..
Some other commonalities are more or less character traits  that are written in our DNA and others are what we develop or pick up along the way. The list is somewhat extensive; for example, anger, fear, strength, passivity, aggression, assertiveness, compassion, empathy, greed, hate, hypocrisy, deceit, jealousy, envy, lust, patience, impatience just to name of few. Whether good or bad, the behavior is more than likely to have a huge impact on our lives as well as others who are in our circle…
We also have a need to be loved and appreciated, a need for attention and recognition, a need to belong or accepted, some of us are self motivated, some not, some have aspirations, some just hope…I feel that because of the enormity of the needs, they tend to place us in an extremely vulnerable position where we find ourselves most often making compromises or unhealthy decisions just to address the needs. Or we find ourselves shackled to the ideologies and dogma of a society and system that uses us like slaves….

Dogma;  An authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true regardless of evidence, or without evidence to support it.

Ideology; Doctrine, philosophy, body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group. 

But my question is, who and what influences the behavior?   

Environment, upbringing, social class, religion, politics, authority figures, and peers  are just a few mentions that play a major role in the shaping process, however we are all invariably very different in mind and thought..Beginning in the womb and from the day we arrive into this world, a conditioning process is underway. Every detail relating to what is expected of us and how we are supposed to live and act (mostly according to ethnicity, culture, custom and law) is prepared and laid out before we even  begin to walk or talk. For the most part we are puppets whose strings are being pulled and jerked around by the many different bits of information that is fed to us by the shapers and puppeteers of the world….They control every aspect of our lives because they shape our perceptions which in turn influence our perspectives and we haven’t any idea that it’s taking place.. Just take a moment to think about it. Everything that we know and everything that we are has been programmed into us like a computer from day one. Those of us that don’t like the program rebel and find ourselves isolated outside of the so-called moral majority. We want to be different and as we strive towards that independent way of thinking and different way of living, we find ourselves being ostracized for having different ideals and desires and for pursuing them. We no longer fit the mold and the mere thought of challenging that so-called standard often times has us at odds with others who are all to willing to be compliant… .You know who I’m talking about (the go along just to get along club). The world is full of them!!!
None of what we see and think is real in terms of  projection..It has all been manufactured and built up so that it benefits the architects and strategists of the plan. We are being duped every single day because of our ignorance, our lack of knowledge as well as our inability to exercise critical and independent thinking.. Misinformation and untruths are injected into our minds from poisonous fangs of the sly snakes of propaganda.. The primary tactic and goal is to continue administering lethal dosages of this toxic rhetoric as a means of controlling the gullible masses..
All they gotta do man is play the tape and what do ya know, folks get besides themselves as they begin to respond and do exactly what they have been programmed to do; click, whir and there it is…
A few examples; Christmas (supposedly celebrating the birth of Christ who by the way never existed but somehow this got transformed into purchasing Diamonds, Mercedes and Lexus’s and other expensive gifts for folks who don’t appreciate them), Buying wrapping paper and ribbons, cards and a tree only to toss them all away in the garbage…Thanksgiving (celebrating an event that never happened ie; so-called pilgrims and the indigenous people breaking bread together), Black Friday and Cyber Monday, 4th of  July, Memorial Day, St. Patrick’s Day (no Irish Blacks) but we’re  wearing green, waving 4 leaf clovers and getting drunk. Presidents Day, (time to spend more money cause they got more bargains for you), Valentines Day (where flowers and a card just won’t do anymore, now it’s off to Jared’s to replace the jewelry you got her last year) as if ones love and affection can be measured by the amount of trinkets you adorn her with. How superficial and empty that notion is!!!
Columbus Day ( a day which commemorates his discovery of America, yet the man got lost and never set foot here) , he was a ruthless and murderous savage but we don’t care man,  it’s a holiday, so what the heck, we get a day off from work to spend some more money that most of us just don’t have ie; credit cards and again, buy things that we definitely don’t need and really can’t afford….New Years Day (a moment to celebrate the passing of one year and the coming of another. A time to party and watch the ball come down and make more resolutions that we will never keep..)…It’s a perpetual cycle of ridiculousness!!!!America’s capitalism and manufactured celebratory moments of needless indulgence and emptiness….We define it as American culture and custom..It has become a tradition that we all have come to acknowledge and embrace without question…. But does it define who we are and what we are as people and individuals? Sadly to say, for some, YES…
Holidays are just a microcosm of the macrocosm (Conditioning Machine) where fabricated Culture/Custom, Religions, Politics, Social Media and Television are the top players in the brain washing process. Folks tend to treat these as extremely reliable sources of information, tradition, beliefs, principles, values and social acceptance… We no longer employ critical thinking, logic or analysis..We have become extraordinarily dependent on technology to think  and do for us and on society to dictate what we are, who we are, as well as who and what is acceptable and non-acceptable.. We allow others to define us instead of defining ourselves.. But you know the human psyche, folks just wants to fit in anywhere and be a part of something regardless of how pretentious and contrived it  may be...

Puppets and Impostors!!! Who’s pulling the strings?

We in America are slaves to the system of capitalism and propaganda!!! We need to reboot and re-program our minds!!!

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected QXKB-PYRS-FRG6-M4RT

2 thoughts on “Perceptions Influences Perspectives”

  1. THANK YOU !!! May the FRUITS OF YOUR GREAT PASSION MULTIPLY with ALLMIGHTY GOD’S Peace, Love & Truth !!! AMEN !!! UBUNTU !!! ASE’ !!! Sincerely 🙂 Please Note: Some of Us Have Too Much Passionate ENERGY for Others to ACKNOWLEDGE. Let’s Keep On Praying (FOCUSING) ON Peace, Love & Truth. It’s Not ALL About ANY Individual. HUMANITY is Still Only In It’s Adolescent Stage. 🙂

    1. Your words are very much appreciated and inspiring Lady Dee.. Yes, some of us who are extremely passionate about uplifting and impacting others do often times get misunderstood or just plain old ignored. There is a higher plain of consciousness that we fail to tap into because we have become so dependent on the proverbial mechanisms of information…Humanity as we know it is considered in it’s infancy however there is so, so much that we do not know and probably never will considering that the planet is estimated to be 4.54 Billions years old.. Give or take 50 Million…Unfathomable, wouldn’t you say.. Ain’t nothing new today under the sun.. Thanks so much for sharing. Blessings

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