Conversation With A White Man

It is said that you never really know how someone really feels until you have a conversation with that person. I recently had the opportunity to engage in one such conversation and I must confess folks, it was quite revealing. Allow me to give you just a little back ground before I get started and I will refrain from using any names here.

Now, I have known this man whom I held in high regard (and to some extent, still do) for just a little over fourteen years through a working relationship. However, you know what they say; “I know him but I really don’t know him”. He comes across as very compassionate, understanding, personable and an honest person. Extremely easy to talk with and from what I could surmise then and still to this day, he does not have a single racist bone in his being… He’s  intelligent, disciplined, methodical, calculating, loyal and driven to be successful, all of which are qualities that I respect, admire and have personally aspired to incorporate in my life…His smile and demeanor are very disarming and could leave one with the impression of a docile man…But make no mistake about it, he’s a sly fox and skilled predator who knows how to shake people up in order to get what he needs to get done…These are for the most part pretty much common traits in all successful business men and women..
I first met him, by way of a referral through about 15 years ago through some IT Techs who were impressed with me and my work…So they helped to open the door for me to work with and for this man and it has proven to be a very successful and rewarding business relationship for both of us.  His business had grown exponentially over the years and I was entrusted with building the communications and data infrastructure for his over thirty locations.. Each location opened without a hitch and when he had sold the business out a few yeas ago, I had nothing to complain about because he took me along for the ride and I will always be grateful for the opportunity he gave me. So when he very recently decided to pursue another business venture, I was contacted and with some hesitation ( only because I had retired) opted in… Besides, I was contemplating doing a little something on the side anyway to keep me somewhat occupied.
So now, a few weeks ago while working at a new location, I was sitting in an office performing a little programming…He walks in, asks me how am I doing and gives me a fist bump ( cause he knows that I’m not a hand shaker)..
He then proceeds to talk about black people and how we need to stop bringing up slavery and what happened forty years ago. Man, you know I just had to take a moment to let this marinate and think about whether or not he really understood the gravity of what he was saying. Was this a statement that he truly believed in his heart or was he just regurgitating some BS that he and a lot of folks like him have heard other people say over the years and even more so lately.. I mean I gotta tell ya, I had to catch myself because either he was being extremely audacious or was just plain ignorant because stupid he is not. Did he really feel that comfortable with me that he could speak that openly with me? Was he really that disconnected or did he possibly feel that because of his position (You know, the man who signs my checks) and being white, that this actually granted him that privilege? I really had no answer but I definitely wanted to put him in check.
He continued talking about my people as though he were some expert on African-American history,culture and behavior.  You know that mentality that most white folks have which is that (we all look and act alike)..This man’s ancestors not only enslaved Africans but committed some of the most heinous and cruelest atrocities against my people and now we should just forget about it!! You see, it’s like saying if someone get’s their ass whipped every single day for years, well they should let bygones be bygones.  Hell no, you need to always remember that shit because they may just try to do it again and you need to be ready for it!! I can almost guarantee you one thing and that is, if the situation were reversed  he wouldn’t be trying to forget  about it and odds are he’d be more than likely thinking about how he could get revenge and possibly turn the tables..That’s just how most white folks roll man..They don’t forget and they don’t forgive, they find a way to get even with your ass…
He then to talked about what Trump had said regarding the state of Black people and how the Obama administration had done practically nothing for us and what did we have to lose by voting for Trump?  Sadly to say there are a lot of black folks  that feel the very same way…You know it’s very interesting and just a bit comical just how much white folks forget how we got into this predicament in the first place. They always seem to conveniently have a lapse in memory of how white America has always managed to put various strangle hold measures in place that pretty much impeded the progress of most Black people.
You see, they don’t want to talk about that imbecile Bush 43 and his administration’s lack of oversight which allowed the economy, wall street, and housing market to crash and how we were inextricably plunged into a financial crisis.. How their rapaciousness dragged us into an unnecessary war, how he blew a trillion-dollar surplus and how the pentagon misplaced 2.3 Trillion dollars all under his watch (oh and let us not forget about that inside 911 job that they’d like us to believe was committed by some folks from a third world desert country)…Yeah, these so-called Saudi terrorists were slicker than the US intelligence department which probably wrote the book on slick aka espionage and covert activity…But they are sure quick to point out how badly we’re doing under Obama (click link) who just happened to create millions more jobs than Bush, as though his administration did such an outstanding job. Really??(SMH)….He also wanted to make a point of just how much black on black crime there is and the high number of murders that are being committed these days and how disproportionately the percentages are as it relates to blacks being killed by cops  as opposed to whites being killed by cops and that cops should be given  due process. I had to remind him that our brothers and sisters who were being executed by these cops were also entitled to that same due process but were denied it by a cops bullet that rendered their own form of justice (death). I also let him know that my people will stop talking about the injustices when the injustices stop and that we’ll stop talking about slavery when white folks stop talking about the holocaust, pearl harbor,the 911 hoax and other atrocities that they suffered. They would have been talking about white slavery but it hasn’t impacted them as it has black folks and besides they don’t want to be telling folks that their ancestors were once enslaved by their own!!!!They’ll deny that all the way to their graves and claim it was indentured servitude.. They always like to make foul shit that they have done sound palatable….Much easier to digest!
Why is that white folks are always trying to tell black folks what we should and should not be doing and what we should and should not talk about? You ever notice how when you bring up all the foul shit that they’ve done, their response is ( that’s in the past) no need to bring up shit from the past and how we need to get beyond it and move forward… They always want to sell us on how good Blacks have it now and some BS about how great  and virtuous they are in order to keep folks distracted from the truths. You know, like we should be thankful that we’re not still slaves and we should shut the hell up….You see, this is the kinda ignorant self-righteous, holier than thou condescending mentality that could make a righteous people become ruthless and wicked and want to inflict some serious pain upon them but most black folk are just not like that.. Maybe we need to be, to some extent!!! 
As far as I’m concerned the enslavement and horrific atrocities exacted upon black people needs to always be talked about and never swept under the rug like they did white slavery. We should never forget the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, ( click links) Shark Island Concentration Camp, The Republic of The Congo experiments, mutilation, murders and exploitation of African People … Nor should we forget white America’s condoned forced enslavement of Africans, nor the flesh penetrating (down to the bone) whippings, lynchings, burnings, mutilations, castrations, rapes, false imprisonment, murders, etc. which were perpetrated upon a defenseless, innocent and non threatening Black people. These are an inherently ruthless and wicked people who seemingly find immense delight in such barbarism and suffrage of black folks.. I also enlightened him about the first slaves  that were here in the colonial era who in fact were the poor unwanted white trash class of the British, German and Irish people from Europe. These poor ass illiterate unemployed white folks were a burden on the crown along with vagrants, prostitutes, murderers and convicts who over populated the country and penal system were the first sent to the lands in Virginia to establish colonies. I guess they’re attitude was f–k the people who already inhabited the land and the country because they didn’t give a shit about them or anything else except for the prospect of acquiring enormous wealth and power (sound familiar). Note; the British crown today has enormous power and is estimated to be worth Trillions of $$ dollars $$ in and from land ownership.
Many of these unfortunate poor white souls were lured under the guise of indentured servitude and many were also kidnapped by treacherous folks whom were referred to as spirits and all of them suffered through extremely harsh/cruel treatment and conditions,,,They were treated more harshly than African slaves because they weren’t as strong, durable or valuable.. White people enslaved their own until they realized that white slaves were to fragile and died off much too quickly because they couldn’t endure the hardship of the extreme heat and hard labor. It had also become non-profitable and much too expensive (loss margins due to the  high mortality rate of white slaves) so they freed them and kept the Africans.. But they don’t want to talk about that I told him. I also let him know that prior to the colonial era there was no such thing as a color line or racial classification. This is something that was implemented by white folks in order to create a divide between poor whites and black slaves..( of course, no response).. He went on to say that we have racist white people and racist black people. Of course I’m thinking to myself, does he really understand what a racist is.  
Racist:, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior… Sure doesn’t sound like any Black people I know…
A black person cannot be a racist due the simple fact that we do not engage in promoting black superiority and white inferiority based on white skin color.. We also do not have the power to oppress and affect someones life based on the mere fact that their skin is a different color. Only white people engage in this type of mentality and behavior and much of our society is predicated on and built around this racist ideology and system. So therefore much of what whites see in black behavior is symptomatic of the racist system, discrimination and oppression!!! But white folks don’t want to talk about that shit because then they would have to be held accountable and take responsibility for much of the conflict between black and white. But this man wants to tell me that black folks need to be held accountable and take responsibility for the shit that is happening in the black communities.. Really, are you listening to yourself man? Well, exactly why do you think some of that shit is happening? What is happening with black folks is no different from what is happening with poor ass white folks. It’s just that everything that my people do gets magnified and talked about for days on end.. One example is Bill Cosby as opposed to that white actor (child molester) on 7th Heaven whose show is still airing. They’re still raking Bill’s ass over the coals for some unproven allegations that happened over 30 years ago.. Oh, but we need to forget about all the foul, wicked and reprehensible shit they have done to us years ago and still do to this day …
There is and always has been one standard for whites and another standard for us.. Now when that standard is the same across the board, maybe then we can begin to put some of this BS behind us and have some meaningful dialogue that will lead to some constructive changes..  Actually I’m tired of hearing how both sides need to come to the table and talk because white folks ( at least a good number of them) don’t want to share none of the good shit they’re getting. They’re not even interested in letting any of what they have go..It either has to be taken or you have to get your own or maybe a little bit of both..Let’s be honest here, they are some of the most rapacious and self-serving bastards to walk the face of the earth and most will kill their own mama or sell her into slavery(both of which they have done) to get that money man…  
They are constantly going around under the facade of nation building when in fact the only interest they have is stripping the people and the nation of its valuable resources and leaving nothing behind but death, despair and destruction…..
But white folks don’t want to talk about shit like that and this white man is definitely one of them!!! 
Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africaffith) Registered & Protected VMVX-X6WV-QJJT-2SGF

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    1. There is no need to apologize for the ignorant remarks of another Daniel esp. not to me. I welcomed the conversation because it becomes a teachable moment and we both are enlightened. As for me I got an opportunity to know exactly how he thinks and he got some food for thought from this dark skinned man who he more than likely initially had a different perspective of. I can assure you that his perspective has definitely changed considerably… Peace and Blessings

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