The Power of Influence (POTUS Election 2016)

Perception Influences Perspective

My last post I wrote a little about the “power of self” and this post as you can see is about the “power of influence”. Both of these correlate with one another because one cannot happen without affecting the other in some fashion (be that good or bad). We are all influenced in some manner or another and that can happen in many ways. I read this book called (The Psychology of Influence and Persuasion written by: Robert D. Cialdini, PhD) and I couldn’t help but think of how much it applies to this 2016 Presidential campaign and all the negative and repulsive ( yet revealing ) comments and antics that surrounded and enveloped it.  This book as well as this election is an in-debt revealing look into the weapons of persuasion and how they are implemented.. Unbeknownst to us, we encounter and fall prey to them almost every waking hour, minute and second of the day…
The “power of self” can also be an influence on not just our lives but the lives of others both indirectly and directly. Basically, what it boils down to is how one or the other is used.. Now these can be negative or positive but either way they are interlocked. Weapons of persuasion are used to affect our thoughts and emotions which will yield the desired effect. In this case, the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election!!!
This election has been exactly that, an overwhelmingly display of influence and weapons of persuasion. It serves as a classic example of how folks have allowed things they heard, things they wanted to hear but didn’t or things they thought they heard, things they saw, things they wanted to see but didn’t or things they thought they saw  affect their judgment and now we and the world bear witness to its effect . They have allowed elements or mediums outside of themselves to take complete control of their minds and emotions and affect them immensely without much evaluation. That which impacts our perception will ultimately affect our perspective.. The massive  amount of energy and effort set in motion campaigns on both sides whose purpose or intent was to ultimately persuade folks to vote for their respective candidates. There were also other entities, sources and people who individually and some collectively who spoke of how they felt about both candidates whether positively or negatively attempting to influence and persuade folks to vote or not to vote for these candidates. This occurred from all ethnic, religious and special interest groups. To sum it up, it was an immense aggregation and amalgamation of propaganda, emotions, thoughts, stink and garbage… Speaking of religion, isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state?? Oh that’s right, only when it is a matter of convenience and agendas……
 Hypocrites!!! But ya’ll go ahead and keep listening and following these impostors and crooks masked in the cloth of righteousness….B.S.

Trump has an enormous personality and ego and can be ( to put it mildly) quite persuasive and influential.  His “power of self” catapulted his larger than life image (along with some help) into the position President elect and soon to be POTUS.. Hillary also has a huge personality and ego  but not quite as overpowering as her opponent and definitely was no match for the onslaught of negativity in addition the powerful media blitz and its constant regurgitation of misinformation.  Her “power of self” caused her to become fallible and much too overconfident… Ooops!!
The American people who undoubtedly were tuned into this reality show from the beginning as they were of the preceding  four years of the Fox  News machine and other right-wing pundits and radio personalities launched an unrelenting barrage of assaults on her character and maybe questionable dealings.  There were also a lot of African-Americans who began lamenting their offense of her super predator and bring them to heel comments. (We now have these super predators in black communities committing wanton acts of murders and terror)..  Excuse me, I’m just a little perplexed here because I always perceived people who engage in criminal activity and prey on the weak, innocent and unsuspecting people are  predators… The  word super denotes manner and frequency of these crimes and the wanton disregard for the rule of law and respect of another human being.. Black folks just as well as white folks have a problem acknowledging our flaws and a tendency to be dismissive of our bad seeds….
As for Hillary goes, other than Benghazi and emails that folks have been overly critical about, what has significantly changed about her over the past eight years that would give folks cause to demonize her and make her out to be the most untrustworthy and corruptible person on the planet?  Please tell me cause I really want to know… Actually not that much but folks were gobbling up this crap like contestants at a  “Who can eat the most hot dogs event”!!!  I mean, talk about being hoodwinked and bamboozled!!!!  My thoughts are if folks are going to question behavior and ethics, it should be across the board.. As for Trump, we have heard enough disparaging, hateful and divisive comments from him about various ethnic groups, women and people with disabilities which would suggest that he is an immoral person and ethically unfit to be POTUS. But somehow he was able to get a pass and folks just dismissed it as character flaws and never held him accountable… I’m not taking sides but something is invariably wrong here.  I undoubtedly must be missing something here…This is supposed to be the greatest country on earth and he is the best that this country has to offer?? Shameful.. That’s how powerful these weapons of persuasion can be folks because they are designed to take advantage of our weaknesses and emotions..
I always try to impress upon folks to tune out so that they can tune in. We are much too consumed by all the chitter chatter that we become distracted and lose focus of the issues that really matter. The “power of self” allows one to maintain because one doesn’t listen to all the noise outside of themselves, they listen to what is inside of them because that is where the untainted and uncompromising truth lies. People have once again fallen victim to all the hype and as a result we have President elect Trump. 
We are inherently good-hearted people who intuitively know when something just isn’t right. We all have a moral compass inside of us that tells us when we are leaning in the wrong direction. Some of us acknowledge it and comply and some of us ignore it and that is when the danger begins. Those who engage in the “power of self” more often times than not will not allow outside forces to control them or their decisions. It is the steadiness of will, your will and my will that needs to be strong enough to resist those who attempt to impose their will upon us with weapons of persuasion. Most folks lack critical thinking and the ability to process or research information thoroughly and some don’t even want to bother with it. So, consequentially they are very easily influenced and are at the mercy of those who are masters of persuasion.. Sadly, they are like sheep being led to the slaughter but will be the first to tell you that they are independent thinkers.. I always contend that in the absence of education and knowledge, ignorance will prevail…
This election of 2016 just as life is a testament to the ugliest, scariest and most deplorable side of a lot of people in America. Not since the Jim crow era have we allowed and tolerated a constant flow of outrageous, demeaning, hurtful, painful, shameless, violent at times, racially charged, fear mongering, unethical and immoral display of what used to be unacceptable behavior and language from anyone let alone some seeking the most powerful position in the world ..The theatrics has played out for the entire world to see  how easily folks became disengaged with principles and values as they dismissed and denied everything of what they claim the flag and this country stand for. The mask has been removed and the hypocrisy of a nation has been exposed and the American people have been duped yet once again. But this too will be swept under the carpet of the Red, White and Blue cause folks have no desire to confront it, they just want to move on as usual and pretend that it never happened...”DENIAL” is our immediate welcoming form of acceptance…
If you are interested in acquiring some knowledge of how the psychology of persuasion works, I have provided a link to another book  (The Psychology of Persuasion by: Kevin Hogan)…  I ask that you take some time to read the material so that you will be enlightened..The weapons of persuasion are extremely powerful and when implemented correctly can influence us all and have an enormous impact on our lives.. They can be used to empower folks to do great things or just the opposite and take advantage of our ignorance..Take some time and ask yourself who or what influences you and why? If you are completely honest during this moment of introspect you will realize exactly where the influence is coming from and why you think and act the way you do.  The list of things that influence us is much too extensive to talk about here, so I will continue this topic in a future post. In the meantime please give careful consideration to the information that you digest and accept as truth.. Perception does influence perspective so be extremely mindful of what you accept as truth…
” We will use the actions of others to decide on proper behavior for ourselves, especially when we view those others to be similar to ourselves. When we are unsure of ourselves, when the situation is unclear or ambiguous, when uncertainty reigns, we are most likely to look to and accept the actions of others as correct.
Robert B. Cialdini PhD
We desperately need to seize control of our minds and engage in critical thinking.
Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected 8MNS-SKXE-T6PS-0BVB Registered & Protected 8MNS-SKXE-T6PS-0BVB

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  1. Hotep my brother you nail it, i am always impressed with your articulated commentary. Nothing i can say but, concur with everything rendered here. I have never been more disappointed and ashamed to be an American, this has got to the all time worst in my almost sixty years on this planet. To think people actually voted this man into the highest position in our country is worst than the doctor about to tell you have cancer. So my we shall see, its a very new day in our lives and its time Revolutionise, PEACE AND BLESSINGS

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