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God’s Work

Welcome once again to another insightful journey into the realm of truth fused with just a bit of skepticism.. I would like for you to try to approach this particular topic with an open mind (which may be a little difficult for some) and just allow yourself the freedom of thought outside of past and current indoctrination’s of religion and faith. Consider for a moment the possibility that everything you’ve been taught about God and Jesus is a lie or just another story borrowed from other stories in antiquity such as Budda or Egyptian deities. Everything is not what we have been taught it is. Are you ready to challenge the conventional school of thought? Iam!!!
We humans have accepted without question the teachings of those that espouse to have a direct pipeline into the thinking and desires of a supreme being who they refer to as God! I for one refuse to accept the story of this so-called God and I have come to be extremely dismissive of folks all dressed up in faith and immersed in religion toting the bible  under their arm or some other manifestation of religious doctrine, talking about how they’re doing God’s work. What exactly is God’s work and how, who or what has determined that? How in the heck can anyone make a claim that they are doing the work of God if they don’t have a direct connection with this deity? I mean, has this deity actually sat down and discussed with these folks exactly what he or she wants them to do? Has he or she provided them with written instructions or are we to accept the words of so-called apostles whom we have never met and  of whom no historical record has been written? I’m just asking for some evidence here because for anyone to make a claim that they are performing God’s work and to have never actually talked with the man or woman is (come on let’s be real here) is a bit foolish and cuckoo!!  
So how in the world is it that people (and I’m talking about millions) actually buy into this?  Further more, explain to me exactly what God’s work involves or at least provide me with a hand written note , a text, a video, an email or something to support your claim.. Anything with a signature will do as long as you can authenticate it.. Oh, and please don’t start talking to me about the bible being the word of God, because as far as I’m concerned it’s no different from any other book on fiction…It’s like The Three Little Bears because basically we are talking about a story that is symbolic of real life, correct? This book’s main characters just happens to be bears as opposed to the bible which has people….
Now let’s talk about these folks who make the assertion that they are doing God’s work.. As I look back through the annals of history, all I can see is folks who’ve been claiming to do the work of God have left nothing but dead bodies and streets flowing with rivers of blood. There have been cities after cities sacked, temples destroyed and plundered for their valuables which suggests that God’s work is Death and Destruction under the guise of religion… Hell, God didn’t need mankind to do that; mankind needed him or her  ( or at least the image) to justify the horror!!! But ya’ll still going to church and listening to these wolves in so-called divine clothing claiming to preach the word of God and doing his or her work. Really?
The Knights Templar (Poor Knights) and the Crusades were doing God’s work with the blessings of Pope Urban II and the Roman Catholic Church when they embarked on a campaign of terror, destruction and plunder first in Jerusalem then across Europe all in the name of Christianity..
The first colonists ( Puritans, Quakers, Mennonites and etc.) claimed that they also were performing God’s work when they stripped the Indigenous people of their identity and then stole their land and moved them onto reservations. I guess God had a change of heart and no longer wanted them to be fruitful and multiply or to have dominion over the earth as he supposedly stated in Genesis…
In conjunction with the slaughtering and culture cleansing of the indigenous people these so-called Christians used their religion as justification to enslave millions of Africans and to treat our ancestors as though they were chattel, all in the name of their so-called God…The bloody murderous atrocities and tyrannical exploits committed upon non threatening people throughout history by those folks asserting to do God’s work is quite extensive…
There are still modern-day folks who have picked up the holy torch and continue to disseminate this false and preposterous information and deceitful agenda. Folks are all in because they need something to believe in, something that gives them meaning and relevance to an otherwise shallow existence… I mean, they undoubtedly feel that there just has to be something more to life than the same old mundane  everyday toil…
Until this so-called God emerges from the heavens and personally appears here on earth and makes a declaration as to what exactly his work entails, I for one am not interested in hearing and religious zealots, their followers, preachers and the such spouting off about doing God’s work and giving him praise…. I don’t want to hear it. Unless you can provide me with some concrete irrefutable evidence of his desires, I’m not interested. I’ve already been to hell when I was a heroin addict so it can’t get much worse than that.. Now, I’m not completely discounting the possibility of a higher presence that exists and I can’t say for certain how mankind was created.. I don’t know, so I guess my theory has just as much credibility as the next persons..Maybe, just maybe God’s work is just trying to live a free and productive life that helps to inspire others and not attempting to manipulate and exploit folks behind the constructs of religious ideologies in the name of some manufactured God…The art of Deception is more in line with ( if there is one) the so-called Devil’s work…Dark Energy (negative influences)…Beware of what you allow in your head and penetrate your mind!!!!
In closing let me say that I cannot tell you what to believe or what not to believe. I can only appeal to your logic and common sense and I can call into question any person who claims to be doing the work of God. I will challenge anyone who espouses to have received a call from God to perform his or her work. As far as I am concerned, these folks are either one of two things, (Delusional/Exploiters) or both…Actually, I could say that I am performing God’s work myself by enlightening you and removing the veil of deception and ignorance…. My words are just as good as those that are written in the bible and I have never met this God either…. So, come along with me my brothers and sisters out of the darkness and into the light…
I am a messenger and I am an angel of God!!! 
Written by Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected KWMU-HML9-TW0Q-MCDC
Note; I make the use of caps in regards to god and christian for literary correctness only. I also use his or her to reflect duality…I don’t know of any one being able to reproduce without the other unless of course it is A-sexual.

To See or Not To See

If I were to completely separate myself from the so-called normality and conditioned mindset of this world would I not then be in a better position to see? If I look at the world and all that I perceive it to be, am I not looking at it through eyes that have become influenced by the ideologies and teachings of mankind whose intentions are highly questionable? Is what I think I see not really what I see but more of what I have been conditioned to see therefore blurring my vision and obscuring that which I am supposed to see?

How can I see the essence of a thing for what it is if I am looking through tainted lenses? Just to look at something is not really seeing it but merely glancing at its exterior which in turn produces an image of what we are programmed to see. In order to see what is truly before us we must bypass the programming and venture deeper into the elements of the thing before us. It is at that moment in space and time that we are able to see what is truly in front of us because we have eliminated the program and have exercised free will and thought. To see is to have understanding for isn’t the (art) of seeing the essence of understanding? To see or  not to see…

 Art; the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

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One Adam and Eve or Many Others


Present school of thought or belief is that the so-called God created one Adam and one Eve. I’d like to challenge that belief or theory and I’ll use Genesis to do so.

Genesis chapter one
[1:26] Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.”
[1:27] So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
[1:28] God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.”

Now bear in mind that the Hebrew text refers to the so-called God as Elohiym a plurality which means more than one and the Hebrew code for God is JHVH with the vowels e,o and a inserted (Jehovah) by English translators later. So in this first part of the story Elohiym has created man and woman (human kind) in “their” likeness and blessed “them” and told “them” to be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it. Not a single man and woman but many (them). So everywhere we see the word God in the first part of the story we shall replace it with Elohiym.. Also the Hebrew code or word for man is (ah-DAHM) which more accurately means mankind…Plural noun..

Now in the second part of the story which begins in Genesis 2:5 after everything has been created in seven days which (probably refers to the day in time not the same week ) which is why Genesis 2:4 states that these are the generations (possibly thousands of years) of heavens and earth when they were created (probably terraformed by the Elohiym) …

Genesis chapter two
[2:1] Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all their multitude.
[2:2] And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done.
[2:3] So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.
[2:4] These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created. In the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens,
[2:5] when no plant of the field was yet in the earth and no herb of the field had yet sprung up – for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was no one to till the ground;
[2:6] but a stream would rise from the earth, and water the whole face of the ground –
[2:7] then the LORD God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.

So in verse seven we have the LORD ( in upper case) God forming man out of the dust (DNA) of the ground and breathing into him a living soul.. In the Hebrew code or text this Adam is referred to as ha’adam ( HAH-ah-DAM which is a singular noun and also the LORD God in Hebrew text or code is saying that;
Yahweh Elohiym; or perhaps, Yahweh (of the) Elohiym is an individual deity from among the collective.

Now skipping a few verses ( probably quite a few years ) we now have the LORD God not God doing the following….

[2:21] So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then he took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh.
2:22] And the rib that the LORD God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.
[2:23] Then the man said, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called Woman, for out of Man this one was taken.”
[2:24] Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh.
[2:25] And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed…

I’m not going to delve into the mention of this woman being his wife but what I will ask is this…
If man and woman had already been created and blessed and then instructed to be fruitful and multiply in Genesis 1 possibly thousands of years before, then who and what is this new creation of man and woman in Genesis 2 and were they the only ones? 

Also bear in mind that the earth is estimated to be at least 4.5 Billion years old……The first primate is estimated to be at least 25 million years old… Enough time for a superior intelligent race to conduct research, experiment and development.

  • Could the first “human kind” be the result of primitive beings or primates having been genetically manipulated (possibly creating Neanderthals and Cro-Magnum) ie; homo sapiens into the likeness of the Elohiym and this other creation (possibly cloned modern man). This could also explain the difference in chromosomes and some of the genetic mutation in mankind!!
  • Also, why was this second Adam created without a mate because clearly the LORD God was aware that he would need a woman unless of course he was not intended to have one. Could it be that this particular species was A-sexual and capable of reproduction (self replication) and possibly a hermaphrodite? Could explain the part of man taken (rib) to create woman…Just a thought!!!

There are so, so many other questions in this one story to be addressed but I think that this is enough for starters..
One Adam and Eve or many others? What are your thoughts?

I must give recognition to Dee Masterson, Zacharia Sitchin, D. M. Murdoch and many other authors whose writings have challenged my mind and conditioned traditional school of thought as well as my belief system..They have given me rise to be a free thinker….

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth) Registered & Protected JTAA-0DJF-NOZH-1K6K