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What is Sin?

Welcome to my space where I share my thoughts and views and it is my hope that you will do the same.. Here you are free to express yourself  as you please without the threat of ostracism or criticism from me. It is incumbent upon us as humans to engage in meaningful dialogue with the hopes of gaining a better understanding of each other, ourselves and the world that we live in…

I want to challenge folks to think outside of what they have been taught and to look within themselves and conduct an honest self-evaluation in order to seek truth..We all have been mind washed and conditioned to slide into a prearranged or preformed concept  layed out by others.. I’m here to let you know that you can form your own perspective from your natural sense and intuition and that you are not what you have been told you are. As a matter of fact, we are undeniably more. We are all invaluable extensions of a higher source that requires connectivity that will enable us to become much more enlightened and relevant beings.. We can be the conduit through which this source will guide our minds and hearts with understanding, wisdom, knowledge and clarity…I sincerely believe that for us to achieve this we must rid ourselves of the shackles that bind us to mankind’s false doctrines of religions and faith and creation theories..

So my question is; What Is Sin?  

Is it really Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth that have been contrived by man and are considered to be the seven deadly sins of man? Are these really sins or are they behavior traits that people have labeled as sinful. Aren’t  these so-called sins for most people just natural tendencies that are encoded in our DNA? Is it not natural for most humans to lust after the opposite sex, to be greedy and to envy others for what they have and what we don’t have, to be prideful for fear of looking flawed, to  be lazy at getting things done, to eat beyond satisfaction ( especially if your poor and may not get the chance again anytime soon) and to get so angry that we will not hesitate to kill another for the most minor altercation? Yes, we are humans and we display what may appear to be animalistic and barbaric behavior. You see, an animal in civilization will always be an animal, no matter what…We strive for civility but for some reason or reasons, it continues to be ever so elusive!

These traits are natural thus making them almost impossible to shed which in turn has us in perpetual conflict as it relates to the church, religion and morality. The church and their so-called men of the cloth know this and have continuously used it to instill guilt and shame which binds us to false doctrines and religions and in turn gives them power over us. They themselves struggle with the same behavior traits, but they’ll never admit it.. At least not to us anyway!!!

This is the definition of sin as it is defined in the dictionary..

Sin; an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law…

Oh well, there you go. That certainly explains everything, now doesn’t it?  Really?

Now my question is; according to who and what is considered divine law and who wrote it? Let me guess, someone took a dictation from a divine being ( that must have been Moses) and conveyed it to the masses. I guess whoever constructed this law did not take into consideration that mankind is animalistic by nature and incapable of adhering to such a so-called divine standard. Or maybe they thought it over thoroughly and wanted to keep humankind in a state of perpetual guilt and repentance. For without the list of sins there would be no need for religions, the church , the priests, ministers and other religious zealots and fanatics. Now would there? Mankind can never be that which he was not created to be (divine). Unless of course we are celestial beings which we are not.. This brings me to my next theory.

We have been corrupted not by the so-called Adam and Eve but by the 200 or so Watchers who decided to break rank and defile themselves with the women of mankind.. Thus blanketing the earth with evil and wicked spirits throughout perpetuity.. That’s according to the book of Enoch chapters 7 through 17..  It is very explicit which would explain why it probably wasn’t included in the bible…Now I’m not saying that this is factual but it does give us food for thought. The bible clearly states that they came from the heavens and fornicated with the women of earth thus giving birth to a hybrid race of giants  (Nephilims).. You see what I’m talking about? It was in their nature!!!! The fruit doesn’t fall to far from the tree that bares it now does it?

Thanks to them this is who we are however, it has always been man’s quest to have something of a greater existence. The reason for this aspiration for divinity more than likely is because of man’s divine creation theory..So we strive to reach that which is unattainable in this physical form…It is unrealistic and we need to stop reaching for that which we cannot touch…We are not sinners, we are just wired this way. We are evil, deceitful and wicked but we are also kind, compassionate, empathetic and loving..  We possess all of these traits, it’s  just who we are and maybe have always been.. I really don’t have the answers but I do know that more often times than not, the majority of us give in to the dark nature and as a result we have a world that reflects that… I don’t think of it as a sin, I refer to it as a crime against humanity and nature!!! For it is not the nature of man that makes him so-called sinful. It is the body of works he engages in due to these behavior traits. We allow these traits to dominate our thinking and actions that in turn inflict pain and suffering and exploitation of other humans, life forms and nature..That  is what should be considered sinful…

We humans will always be conflicted due to our disobedient nature. After all isn’t that a behavior trait that Adam and Eve who were created by the Lord god and  alsoThe Watchers (the sons of Gods) all have in common?  (Disobedience and Rebellion) sound familiar? Hmm, one would have to think that these are traits of the Gods themselves passed onto to us through their offspring… Just a thought.. Now you see what I mean about that fruit not falling too far from the tree…We are just like them.. Created in their image!!

So now, with that all said, you tell me;  what is sin? I’m out of here for now.. But in the meantime,

You all Be well, Be Challenging and Be Enlightened…

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (africafifth) Registered & Protected GJER-HLC9-2SRT-8YO6

Bamboozeled Part 2

We today have  a large percentage of our brothers and sisters who are  unproductive and aspiring to be something that is elusive.  We find them chasing after an elusive life which emulates false images of fame and stardom. We witness them embracing a lifestyle that is rife with violence, no sense of direction, no education, no self-identity, no self-esteem, or self-confidence. These people are the sheep who have strayed away from the flock and have fallen victim to false prophets and salivating predators that use them for their own self gain. Most individuals lack any concept of what real success is and how it can be attained. Consequently what they decide to chase after is fleeting and non-substantive( importance or value). Is it because we still are riffed with a self-imposed slavery mentality or a self defeatist attitude?

Are we to afraid of pursuing an education or some legitimate skill set that would allow us to assimilate into the world of responsibility and productivity?  By our lack of desire to ascend to greater heights we are relegated to a position where others dictate what we can and can not do. Where we can and can not live. What schools our children can and can not attend. We have relinquished any form of control to the whim of the white man. I must reiterate that we have allowed ourselves to unknowingly be subdued and brainwashed and have lapsed into a more advanced and modern-day form of slavery. We believe ourselves to be in control but we are actually not. We are completely insentient and do not realize it.
We tell ourselves that to have a command of the English language is to speak like a white person. To be be an educated person and want to have access to the finer things in life is to emulate white people. We continuously say that we don’t want to be like white people. Yet every day I see black men and women emulating the very people that they proclaim not to want to be anything like. I see sisters with breast implants, an assortment of different colored wigs and weaves that they wag back and forth like some attention seeking white girl. They’re inserting  blue, green and hazel colored contacts or having their pupils injected with color altering chemicals  and bleaching their skin. What the heck is that all about if not someone who is in denial, full of self-hatred and doesn’t know who they really are?
This also applies to brothers with the tattoos depicting the thug life and riding around in cars that have been blinged out with accessories that usually cost more than the car is worth. When some of them open their mouths to speak I need sub titles to understand what the heck they’re saying. The style of dress is to  wear pants down and low exposing buttocks for all to see and the accessories of the day are gold covered teeth ( referred to as a grill ). This is absolutely pitiful and yet it is embraced, accepted and glamorized.
You have been dining on and digesting a constant diet of  B.S. and either you are too stupid to realize it or  you have no other aspirations in life so this is what is embraced.  This is the flavor of success your palate has acquired a taste for .  You want to sample being a rapper or maybe a thug and live a gangster lifestyle.  Definitely the wrong selection on the menu!!! Here are just a couple of examples used in the industry to “BAMBOOZLE” the unsuspecting prey.

Example; Rappers on video proclaiming to be thugs and gangsters drinking booze and waving around assault weapons and handguns. ie: white gangsters and thugs from the 1920’s to 1960’s who robbed and killed each other indiscriminately for territory and control over illegitimate enterprises. They also did not have any regard for a human life..
Example: P Diddy and fellow rappers on video sporting a white robe, slippers and cigar in hand occupying a high end hotel room.
Example: P Diddy in commercial promoting Cirock accompanied by some actors better known for their mob roles along with beautiful long-legged women and other well dressed people. Boarding a private jet and flying out to Vegas and seen traversing through an extravagant palatial hotel or casino, dancing with beautiful women and toasting the high life!!!!! Yeah, we should all aspire for that lifestyle. I understand the marketing concept and the promotion of your product but there is also a message that is being sent that is not conducive or in step with the plight of most ordinary African-American people. It is a self promoting commercial to get you to buy into the false imagery of what your life could be like if you would only buy and drink Cirock. They are selling you on the glamorous life of Las Vegas, private jets, pretty women, partying and expensive hotel accommodations. Oh and let’s not forget the alcohol to which  African-Americans spend over 400 million dollars annually to consume. This is a lifestyle that most people will never acquire in their lifetime and if they do they’ll just end up pissing it away.
This does not begin nor end with P Diddy but is a poison that has been perpetuated by him and others in that arena.
Rapping used to be something that was fun and good to listen to because it was fresh and new. But then some cats figured they would use it as a vehicle to send their message of oppression that was accompanied by the blatant disrespect of our women, use of drugs, alcohol, and violence.  Music execs are the pimps, rappers are the prostitutes selling the goods and you are the tricks that purchase it. So I guess at the end of the day your just being played. Just another hustle and form of Black Exploitation!!!

The record labels recognized a prime opportunity to make an enormous amount of cash by grabbing these rappers to write and deliver these lyrics of hate, disrespect and violence and selling it to you.
They are trick ‘in you people by selling you on a lifestyle that most of them only write lyrics about and do not live. You buy into it because you are easily BAMBOOZLED.  You lack the ability to discern between what is genuine and what isn’t. What is reasonably achievable and what isn’t. I’m not for one minute suggesting that you don’t aim high but it is what you’re aiming high for that matters. I do not have an issue with someone expressing what they are experiencing however there must be some accountability. We have to take responsibility for what we are saying and how that is received by others. The platform was a great one that could have been utilized to raise the awareness level and empower the masses but it got turned into a pimp machine…

As long as we continue to pursue these types of misguided dreams and lifestyles, great and meaningful achievements will never happen. End of Story!

Written by: Al DeVeaux Jr. Registered & Protected<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> UONJ-OY44-WBQF-ZNGI