Stand Up and Fight or Sit Down and Shut The Hell Up

Most of us have been conditioned for servility and docility and made to feel inadequate, inferior and different. The spirits of our ancestors have suffered a virtual castration to the point where they had developed a coping mechanism for the oppressive and wicked traits and behavior of the white man which has been passed down through generations. It has had an indelible impact on the psyche of the majority our people..

Why is it that we are the people who must always adjust our behavior and project cautiousness in order to make the so-called white folks feel comfortable around us?

Why is it we that must continue to speak to our young black men about being careful how they interact, respond or react to law enforcement so as not to spook them into shooting them down in cold blood like some predatorial beast?

What kind of BS is that, when we have to always capitulate and be apologetic because of the paranoid and bigoted mentality of so-called white people? Have we become that afraid to stand up and speak up and demand that the adjustment needs to be made on the other side? If the shoe fits, well!!!

The perpetual loop of negative propaganda has become so deeply embedded in the psyche of black people and has impacted us so immensely that we have nearly completely bought into the narrative.. So much so that we dislike ourselves and have a disdain for each other… Most of us don’t even realize how much more respect and preferential treatment we dole out to the white folks and how much we look down on each other just to appease them. I have been in places where my own people subconsciously will smile and be overly accommodating to a so-called white person or Latino and give me the basement treatment. Of course I gotta pull their coat to it and of course they will deny it… We hate ourselves so much that we murder one another in the blink of an eye without even giving it a second thought!!!! What the hell do you call that?   

Now I like what brother Kapernick is doing but we need to have more brothers and sisters engaged in the process or it will continue to be business as usual. Cats today are soft like marsh mellows man. They listen to all of that so-called BS gangsta rap and try to come across all hard and s–t and don’t have one ounce of heart or courage to stand up to the one that continues to put a foot on their neck. 

Black women have more heart and courage than most of these of so-called black men of today…We need to stand the hell up and challenge not only the audaciousness of their behavior but also that narrative that has been spewing out of their mouths and stewing in the minds of all people as it relates to most Black peoples reality.

In addition we won’t even stand up  to our own who continue to murder, rob and terrorize each other while perpetuating the stereotype that the so-called white media loves to feed off of.  We then have the audaciousness to get upset when the term super predator is used when referencing to this type of behavior. Really? So either stand up and fight across the board or sit down and shut the hell up. Get your minds and your priorities straight man!

Just because we all have the same skin does not mean that we are all kin!!!! Stew on that for a while!!!

Written by; Alton T. DeVeaux Jr (Africafifth) Registered & Protected LYQY-NVWY-S5YT-P48J

4 thoughts on “Stand Up and Fight or Sit Down and Shut The Hell Up”

  1. HOTEP ,as usual you nail it on the head with your prolithic commentary, well articulated and rendered. We have been beat up, bamboozaled, run muck and trapped in a uneducated way of thinking that can’t see through the muddy water before us. How long must it before we wake up, its been to long to still be this far behind mentality. Gods saving grace is all we have it seems, thank you again for wake up message PEACE AND BLESSINGS

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