A Rude Awakening

There are those who continuously allow themselves to be misinformed and misled.. Always being guided by the reins and fed at the trough on a steady and bountiful diet of lies and deception.  A constant  stream and barrage of misinformation intended to cloud our vision and control our minds. Believe me, it is being carried out every single day and waking hour, minute and second. Few of us ever step up and take the time to challenge the information and the source so therefore we are at the mercy of the propaganda machine.. The world is gearing up for a major overhaul and if we aren’t careful, we as African/Black folks will be in a world of hurt as well as a lot of other poor ignorant misguided folks on this planet!!

This article (Awakening To A Stark Reality) written by a white man Max Keller activist, is a wake-up call for all people but more importantly, black people. If we as the dark-skinned folks on this planet don’t get our s–t together soon, our state of existence will be an extremely perilous one..If we think that the atmosphere is rife with racial tension, hostility (directed towards us) and hardships now, we are definitely in for a rude awakening..

We’d better get up off of our behinds and get busy with the overdue process of educating ourselves and reshaping the way we think and act in order to build a structure of power and relevance. The urgency of this matter can not be overstated….The white world is a construct of universal rule and that of a self-preservation mentality and they will use whatever means necessary to maintain it… Are you getting the picture?

We desperately need to adopt that same mentality or before you know it we’ll be confronted with more than just a stark reality folks.. We will be witnessing the beginning of our demise.. Challenge the information, challenge the source and challenge your minds…Break away and become a free thinker!!!

Written by: Alton T. DeVeaux Jr. (Africafifth)

Photo from Awakening To A Stark Reality: Max Keller

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